GST Rates on Mobile Phones


GST Rates on Mobile Phones


The GST regime has introduced uniform tax brackets for almost every commodity, from packaged food to automobiles.

A GST tax at the rate of 18% is also applicable on mobile phones. GST is a major factor that influences the prevailing prices of smartphones. Having clarity about the GST rate on mobile phones can help you get to the correct estimate of the price that you have to pay on its purchase.

Product Name GST Rate
Mobile Phones 18%
Charger 18%
Earphone 18%
Speakers 18%


Lithium-ion Batteries 18%
Power Bank 18%
Memory Card 18%
USB Cable 18%
Plastic Screen Protector 18%
Tempered Glass Screen Protector 18%
Leather Phone Back Covers 18%


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