What is Form 13 application for lower deduction of TDS?


What is Form 13 application for lower deduction of TDS?

  1. As per the provisions of the Income Tax Act, TDS is required to be deducted at the time of making any payment. In cases where such TDS is being deducted, the tax payable will be computed by first deducting the TDS and then the recipient of income claims a refund of TDS at the time of filing of his Income.
  1. Therefore, when a taxpayer’s final tax liability is less than the amount of TDS being deducted, based on TDS rate in force, he may file an application for Nil/ Lower deduction of TDS U/S 197 of the Income Tax Act in Form 13. This is possible in cases where justification can be made for lower deduction of TDS on the basis of low projected profitability.
  1. Application in FORM 13 can be made by the recipient of income in case of the following category of receipts where TDS is required to be made under the following Sections:
1.Section 192 – Salary income

2. Section 193 – Interest on securities

3. Section 194 – Dividends

4. Section 194A – Interest other than interest on securities

5. Section 194C – Contractors income

6. Section 194D – Insurance commission

7. Section 194G – Commission/remuneration/prize on lottery tickets

8. Section 194H – Commission or brokerage

9. Section 194-I – Rent

10. Section 194J – Fee for Professional or technical services

11. Section 194LA – Compensation on acquisition of immovable property

12. Section 194LBB – Income in respect of units of investment fund

13. Section 194LBC – Income in respect of investment in securitization trust


  1. Documents to be submitted for FORM 13?

1. Signed Form 13

2. Copies of return of income along with enclosures and acknowledgment for previous 3 financial years

3. Copies of assessment orders for previous 3 financial years

4. In case of assessee having business or profession income, copies of financial statement along with audit report if any for previous 3 financial years

5. Projected profit and loss account for the current financial year

6. Computation of income statement for previous 3 financial years and estimated computation for the current financial year

7. Copy of PAN card

8. Tax Deduction Account Number of all parties responsible for paying you

9. E-TDS return acknowledgment for previous 2 financial years

10. Estimated income during financial year

11. Any other documents depending on nature of income

12. TDS default, if any