CBIC attempts to put a curb on unnecessary litigations


CBIC attempts to put a curb on unnecessary litigations


There are various instances wherein the unnecessary litigation is carried out by the department. It could be by filing an appeal on various issues. It’s high time that one of the parameter for performance evaluation of the executives should be the number of cases that were dropped from being unnecessarily travelling to the apex or to any other courts.

 CBIC has recently issued a circular which need to be taken in a good spirit and should supplement exercise of the revisionary powers by the board before actually filing the SLP before the Hon’ble SC.
Taxpayers may recall that in a recent past, one of the respected bench member of the Hon’ble SC strongly commented to the revenue’s counsel about the unnecessary litigations being carried up to the apex court.

This will also enhance the quality time of the bar and the bench to focus on some really important issues which will help the taxpayers and bring some certainty in the tax positions.


The copy of the order is as under: