*GTA to file online declaration for FY 2024-25*


*GTA to file online declaration for FY 2024-25*



-Opting Forward Charge in Annexure V
-Reverting to RCM in Annexure VI
*- Facility available from 1st Jan 24 to 31st March 24*

– It is important to note that GTA who has already opted Forward Charge in a FY shall be deemed to have exercised for next and future financial year unless GTA files Annexure-VI to revert to RCM

– So if Annx. V for Forward Charge has been filed for FY 2023-24, then no need to file Ann. V separately for FY 24-25 if GTA wants to continue with Forward Charge.

– Also the portal doesn’t allow you to file Annex V in such a case and shows a message that Filed Annx. V is still active.



The copy of the order is as under: