Start-up & Income Tax benefits to start-ups


Start-up & Income Tax benefits to start-ups

  1. Section 80-IAC provides for a deduction of 100 percent of profits from eligible business activities. This deduction spans a block of three consecutive financial years, allowing startups flexibility in choosing this period within their first five years from the year of incorporation.2. The eligibility criteria include an annual turnover not exceeding Rs. 100 crores in the previous year, and possession of a certificate of eligible business from the Inter-Ministerial Board of Certification.

    3. An eligible business involves innovation, development, or improvement of products, processes, or services. Additionally, a scalable business model with high potential for employment generation or wealth creation aligns with the criteria. This nuanced definition ensures that startups engaged in transformative work are the primary beneficiaries of this tax incentive.

    4. The certification is available for private limited companies or LLPs, with the entity’s existence and operations not exceeding ten years from incorporation. The annual turnover must not exceed Rs. 100 crores, and the entity should not have been formed by splitting up an existing business. Furthermore, the entity should actively work towards the development or improvement of a product, process, or service, demonstrating a commitment to innovation.

    5. Startups looking to avail tax exemption under Section 80-IAC should register on the Startup India portal. Entities certified by DPIIT are not automatically eligible for Section 80-IAC deduction