November -30th: Last Date to avail ITC for FY 2022-23


November -30th: Last Date to avail ITC for FY 2022-23


November 30 is the last date for availing input tax credit and furnishing the correct information on ineligible input tax credit and the reversal thereof for the 2022-23 fiscal.

The procedure has to be completed through the GSTR-3B return filing for the month of October 2023 for which the due date is November 20.

All taxpayers who are filing returns via the GSTR-3B form should avail the total input tax credit for 2022-23, mentioned in the GSTR-2B statements, in full and ensure the reversal of ineligible input tax credit, if any, through the 4B (1) table in the GSTR-3B form.

Taxpayers who have mistakenly entered the input tax credit details in the 4B(2) table instead of 4B(1) in their previous returns should urgently contact the Taxpayer Service Division at the Office of the Joint Commissioner, Taxpayer Circle, or the GST Intelligence wing at the district level before filing their returns for October.