Bare Minimum Compliances by the Private Limited Company


Bare Minimum Compliances by the Private Limited Company



There are various compliances which the private limited companies are required to do on a regular basis. Here is a short compilation under the Companies Act, 2013, and other applicable laws & regulations which is required o be done by the private limited companies.


Though the list of compliances is exhaustive and keep on changing, the following may enable to ensure basic minimum compliances:


Mandatory Compliance

AOC-4 & MGT-7 โ€“ ROC Filings
ADT-1 โ€“ Auditors Appointment
DIR-3 โ€“ Filing of Directors KYC
MBP-1 โ€“ Notice of Interest by Director
DIR-8 โ€“ Intimation by Director
Financials preparation (B/S, P/L etc.)
Statutory Audit
Filing of Income Tax Return
Annual report & Directorโ€™s report
Return on Foreign Assets & Liabilities


ย Statutory Registers & Minutes

Minimum four board meetings
Hold an Extra General Meeting (EGM)
Annual General Meeting (AGM)



Operational day to day Compliances

Payment of periodic dues: GST Liability, TDS & TCS mandatory payment
Non-Registrar compliance of periodic returns (Monthly, quarterly, annual returns)
Monthly/Quarterly- GST Returns
Quarterly-TDS Returns
Accounting & Book-keeping
ESI – PF Compliances


One may note that the failure to comply with these annual requirements can result in penalties & legal liabilities for the company & its directors. Therefore, it is important for a private limited company to ensure timely and accurate compliance with these requirements.