Major Recommendations of 49th GST Council Meeting


Major Recommendations of 49th GST Council Meeting



  1. GST Amnesty Scheme for GSTR 4, GSTR 9 and GSTR 10 by way of conditional waiver/ reduction of late fee.
  1. Reduced late fee for GSTR 9 from 2022-23 onwards.
  • If T.O. upto 5 Crores = 50/day upto 0.04% of turnover
  • If T.O. is more than 5 crores to 20 Crores = 100/day upto 0.04% of turnover
  1. Changes in GST rates:

Rab: From 18% to 5% if sold prepackaged and labelled otherwise Nil Pencil Sharpener: From 18% to 12%

  1. Extended time for filling application for revocation of cancellation of registration

Time limit for filling revocation of cancellation of registration to be increased to 90 days (extended by further period not exceeding 180 days). Revocation application can be filed If registration has been cancelled for non filling of returns and application could not be filed within the time specified in section 30

  1. Relief by giving extended time for filling returns after service of deemed assessment notice

The best judgment assessment order (Section 62) will be deemed to be withdrawn if the relevant return is filed within 60 days of service of the said assessment order (extendable by another 60 days). Also one time amnesty for past cases shall be provided

  1. Government of India to clear entire pending balance GST compensation of Rs. 16,982 crore for June’2022
  1. GST Council adopts report of Group of Ministers (GoM) on GST Appellate Tribunal with certain modifications
  1. GoM report on Capacity Based Taxation and Special Composition Scheme in certain Sectors on GST approved