An overview of the Karnataka Budget for FY 2023-24


An overview of the Karnataka Budget for FY 2023-24

Tax Proposals

Simplification of Profession Tax Act. Increase in exemption limit for lower income employees from Rs.15,000 to Rs.25,000

For effective verification of dealers transactions and to ensure data similarity, Govt have switched over from GST PRO to a new software. As a result, the data available will be the same for dealers and departmental officers. With this a solution has been found for data reconciliation.

Karasamadhana Scheme for settlement of pre-GST tax disputes

In order to expeditiously resolve pre-GST legacy tax disputes and to collect the arrears promptly without litigation, Govt proposes a ‘Karasamadhana Scheme’. Under this scheme, interest and penalty will be waived off to those making full payment of tax arrears on or before 30th October 2023.n order to expeditiously resolve pre-GST legacy tax disputes and to collect the arrears promptly without litigation. Under this scheme, interest and penalty will be waived off to those making full payment of tax arrears on or before 30th October 2023.

Target for collection of tax/revenue for various departments for the year 2023-24.
a. Commercial Taxes department-excluding GST compensation Rs.92,000 crore
b. Stamps and Registration department – Rs.19,000 crore
c. Excise department – Rs.35,000 crore
d. Transport department – Rs.10,500 crore
e. Mines and Geology department – Rs.7,500 crore

The copy of the budget proposal is as under:

Budget Highlights 2023-24

Budget overview

  • Budget estimate (Consolidated Fund) – 3,09,182 crore.
  • Total receipts – 3,03,910 crore; Revenue receipts Rs.2,25,910 crore; Public debt –  Rs.77,750 crore and Capital receipts – Rs.78,000 crore including public debt of Rs.77,750 crore.
  • Total expenditure – 3,03,910 crore ; Revenue expenditure – Rs.2,25,507 crore: Capital expenditure – Rs.61,234 crore and Loan repayment – Rs.22,441crore.

Allocation provided to different Sectors

  1. Agriculture and Allied Activities-Rs.39,031 crore.
  2. Welfare and Inclusive Growth-Rs.80,318 crore.
  3. Stimulating Economic Growth-Rs.61,488 crore.
  4. Comprehensive Development of Bengaluru-Rs.9,698 crore.
  5. Conservation of Culture, Heritage and Natural Resources-Rs.3,458 crore.
  6. Administrative Reforms and Public Service Delivery-Rs.68,585 crore.
  • Allocation in Gender Budget for Women Empowerment and Welfare 46,278 crore.
  • Allocation in Child Budget for Children Welfare Rs.47,256
  • Allocation under SCSP and TSP 30,215 crore; Under SCSP Rs.21,343 crore and under TSP is Rs.8,872 crore.

New announcements in 2023-24:

Farmers Welfare:

  • Limit for interest free short term loan to farmers increased from Rs.3 lakh to Rs.5 lakh. Target to disburse Rs.25,000 crore loan for 30 lakh farmers.
  • Additional subsidy of 10,000 to Kisan Credit Card holders under ‘Bhoo Siri’ Yojane to benefit 50 lakhs farmers.
  • Implementation of Jeevan JyothiVimaYojane for 56 lakh small and marginal farmers’ families at an expenditure of 180 crore.
  • Interest subsidy for capital up to Rs.10 lakh to encourage Farmer Producers Organisation under Mukhyamanthri Raitha Unnathi Preference to FPOs processing millets.
  • Rs. 100 crore to processing and export promotion of agricultural and horticultural products under Raitha SampadaYojane: Allocation of Rs.50 crore to provide hi-tech harvesters to Krushi Yantra Dhare Centres.
  • Incentive of Rs.10,000 to promote farmers growing minor millets under Raitha Siri Yojane.
  • Introduction of Apical Root Culture Technology for self reliance of farmers in Potato seeds.
  • Assistance of Rs.10 crore to Agriculture and Horticulutre Research Centre at Theerthahalli for research relating to disease management and increasing productivity of Arecanut crop.
  • Establishment of Horticulture College in Tiptur.
  • A grant of Rs.100 crore for Karnataka Grapes and Wine Board.
  • A grant of Rs. 75 crore for Sahasra Sarovara and Sahyadri Siri Implementation of Jalanidhi Programme for constructing water ponds in farmers’ lands.
  • Establishment of Hi-tech Silk Cocoon Market in Shidlaghatta at an expenditure of 75 crore.
  • Assistance of 10 crore for establishing 32 Automatic Reeling Units; Rs.12 crore for providing Shredders to 1,000 Silk growers; Rs.5 crore for incorporating Hot Air Conveyor Dryer in 10 places in the State.
  • Rs. 8 crore for infrastructure development in Mysuru sowing area.

Animal Husbandry:

  • Establishing a Mega Dairy with a processing capacity of 2 lakh litre Milk in Ballari district at a cost of 100 crore.
  • Rs. 5 crore for the activities of Animal Welfare Board including establishment of Mobile clinics for treatment of deserted animals. Creation of an Online portal to adopt street dogs. A grant of Rs.5 crore for development of Mudhol Hound Dog Breed.


  • Subsidy of 50,000 for converting Kerosene based engines of the boats to Diesel/Petrol Based Motor Engine in the next 2 years. A grant of Rs.40 crore. Kerosene subsidy to be continued for next 2 years and transfer through DBT. Diesel subsidy being given to fisherman is increased to 2 lakh kilo litres.
  • Construction of Artificial Reefs in coastal districts under Mathsya SampadaYojane.
  • A grant of Rs.20 crore to encourage stocking of high quality fish seeds (Ranching); Establishment of Fish Seed Production and Rearing Farm Centre in Haveri.
  • Housing facility to 10,000 fishermen.
  • A grant of 17 crore for GPS tracking system for the safety of fishing boats.
  • Establishment of Prawn Culture Cluster in Yadagiri, Raichur and Bellary districts of Kalyana Karnataka.
  • Establishment of Seafood Park in Byndoor Taluk.
  • A scheme for distribution of Eco-friendly three wheeler vehicle for sale of fish products.

Empowerment of Co-operative Sector

  • Revolving fund increased to Rs.3,500 crore for purchase of food grains under Minimum Support Price Operations. For this grant of 1,500 crore is provided which is highest ever in the history of the State.
  • Establishment of International Hi-tech Flower Market in Chikkaballapur and Modern Retail Flower Market in Bengaluru and Haveri.

Priority for Irrigation

  • Action to take up 138 Surface Minor Irrigation works at a cost of Rs. 443 crore in Yadagiri and Kalaburagi districts.
  • Rs. 378 crore for implementation of works of Paschimavahini 2nd Stage.
  • Grant of Rs.5,000 crore for implementation of 3rd Stage of Upper Krishna Project.
  • Implementation of 38 projects at an estimated cost of Rs. 11,236 crore to create 1.5 lakh acre Irrigation Potential.
  • Action to complete Tank filling projects of Sasalatti- Shivalingeshwara, Manturu-Mahalakshmi and Shri Venkateshwara lift irrigation schemes and Purigali Micro irrigation project.
  • Grant of Rs. 1,000 crore for KalasaBhandoora Nala Thiruvu Yojana.
  • Central grant of Rs. 5,300 crore for Upper Bhadra Project.
  • A total of grant of Rs.25,000 crore for Irrigation sector.

Sector 2 – Welfare and Inclusive Growth Aspirational Talukas

  • Grant of Rs. 892 crore in Aspirational Talukas for infrastructure development and improving quality of education in Schools and colleges. Rs.750 crore for reforming Health Sector; Grant of Rs.140 crore for reforming Nutrition Sector; Grant of Rs.500 crore for housing.


Quality Education

  • Complete fee exemption for students of Government Pre-University College and Government Degree College benefiting 8 lakh students.
  • Action to complete construction of total 9,556 class rooms including 7,601 class rooms approved under Viveka Yojane.
  • Extension of Vidyanidhi scheme to children of Tailors.
  • Grant of 100 crore for providing better infrastructure and study materials under PM Shri Yojane.
  • Allocation of Rs. 80 crore for construction of 5,581 toilets in schools.
  • “Halli Muttu Scheme” launched to incur full fee payable by 500 best students who studied in Government Kannada Schools of rural area and got selected under government quota for CET.
  • Grant of Rs.2 crore to each of the Government First Grade Colleges and Government Polytechnics with very high admission under ‘VriddhiYojane’ for providing basic facilities; Starting Science Section in 100 Degree colleges under CNR Rao Science Programme.
  • Grant of Rs.50 crore for converting 7 Engineering Colleges into KIT
  • New University in Upgradation of Bankapura Government Polytechnic as Engineering College. Establishing Polytechnic in Chikkanayakanahalli.
  • Action to undertake Kannada translation of syllabus and reference books of all Universities.

Priority for Health Services

  • Implementation of Arogya Pushti Yojane for eradication of Grant of Rs.100 crore under Health Department.
  • Organizing Health Camps twice in 2023-24 for comprehensive health check-up in rural areas under “Mane Manege Arogya” Programme. Grant of Rs.12.50 crore for the initial detection of Expansion of Mental Health Scheme throughout the State at an expenditure of Rs.25 crore. Under “Jeevasudhe” scheme, provision of Rs.12 crore for organizing Cancer Detection Camp. Programme for Children Health Check-up below 6 years of age under “Vatsalya” Programme.
  • Extension of free dialysis services up to 1 lakh cycles.
  • Upgradation of Community Health Centres of seven taluk headquarters into 100 bedded Taluk hospital.
  • Establishment of 8 Critical Care Blocks of 50 beds and 2 Critical Care Blocks of 100 beds under PM-ABHIM scheme.
  • Free transportation facility for mother and neo-natal child delivered in taluk hospitals under “Nagu Magu” Yojane. Grant of Rs. 12.5 crore.
  • Establishment of 129 Taluk laboratories, District laboratories in all districts and State level referral laboratory in Bengaluru for providing laboratory services locally.
  • Action for digitalization of health services and safe custody of health records of the patients.
  • Establishment of Mother and Child Hospital in Savanur.
  • Establishment of AIIMS model hospital in Raichur and Super Speciality hospital in Kumta.
  • Commencement of IVF Clinic at an expenditure of 6 crore in 4 Medical Science Institutes in Bengaluru, Hubballi, Mysuru and Kalaburagi. Establishing fully Automated and Centralized Blood Bank Management System in Bengaluru Medical College and Research Institute at a cost of Rs.5 crore.
  • Action to establish Country’s first dedicated Public Hospital for Organ Transplantation at a cost of Rs.146 crores in the premises of NIMHANS.

Welfare of Weaker Sections

Women, Children and Specially abled

  • Under “Gruhini Shakti” yojane, for empowerment of women:-
  • Monthly assistance of Rs.500 for landless female farm workers.
  • Skill development training for 1 lakh women to start profitable home based industries;
  • Grant of Rs.1,000 crore to provide Free Bus pass to 30 lakh women working in organized sector.
  • Action to provide cooked Meals to eligible married women in Anganawadis to prevent malnutrition and anaemia under “Arogya pushti” programme.
  • Free Bus Pass to 8 lakh girl students of schools and colleges under “Vidyavahini” scheme: Allocation of Rs.350 crore.
  • Target for distribution of loan of Rs. 1,800 crore at zero rate of interest to 45,000 Self-Help Women Groups in Co-operation sector.
  • Bifurcation of Women and Child Department into Department of Child Nutrition and Department for Women Empowerment.
  • Starting 4,000 Child Care Centres in urban areas for the building and other construction workers and 500 Creche facilities to the women under NAREGA scheme.
  • Grant of Rs. 50 crore for distribution of motorized two wheelers to 5,000 specially-abled under “Swachetana” Yojane.
  • Action to provide housing facility to acid attack victims and loan facility for self-employment; Establishment of Special fund in Woman Development Corporation to provide quality medical treatment and legal aid.
  • Grant of Rs.2 crore to start 4 Anupalana Griha for the boys aged between 18 to 21.
  • Decision to grant gratuity for Anganavadi workers and Assistants; Provision of Rs.40 crore grant; Opportunity for voluntary retirement.

Welfare of Weaker Sections

  • Examining the suggestions received forimproving the Karnataka Scheduled Caste Sub Plan and Scheduled Tribe Sub Plan Act 2013 including revision of sec 7(d); Suitable amendment to the PTCL Act to protect the land of Scheduled Caste and Scheduled Tribe.
  • Total grant of 795 crore for various corporations of Scheduled Caste and Scheduled Tribes; Implementation of various schemes utilizing the available grant of Rs.1,824 crore.
  • Starting of Pre-University course in 100 KRIES residential schools; Grant of Rs.10 crore for providing Sports facility in 10 residential schools.
  • 6 crore grant for starting 14 Scheduled Caste post-metric hostels at 14 district centres.
  • Interest subvention for providing loans up to Rs.10 lakh at 4% interest to unemployed persons belonged to Scheduled Caste and Scheduled Tribe.
  • 50% subsidy for purchase of Electric Three Wheeler or Four wheeler goods vehicle under ‘Babu Jagajeevnaram Swayam Udyoga Yojane’; Grant of Rs. 400 crore.
  • Housing facility for Safai Karmacharies under Rajeev Gandhi Housing Corporation.

Backward Classes Welfare

  • Construction of 20 new Post-Metric Hostels in the ‘Build to Suit’ model and handing over of 160 hostels under higher education department to the department of Backward Accommodate 1 lakh additional students.
  • A special package of 250 crore for basic infrastructure and repair for Hostels of Backward classes department.
  • A grant of 8.5 crore for Foundation Course in Science and Maths subjects for 10,000 students of 8th to 10th Standards in pre-metric hostels of Backward Classes Welfare Department.
  • Grant of 596 crore to various Corporations under Backward Classes Welfare Department; Implementation of various schemes using available grants of Rs.1,600 crore.

Minority Welfare

  • Interest subsidy for obtaining interest free loan up to Rs.20 lakh for the minority students receiving foreign education.
  • Entrepreneurship training in IIMB at a cost of Rs.3 crore for 300 minority women graduates.
  • Total grant of Rs.20 crore for preservation of Wakf property and development of Khabarstans.
  • Grant of Rs.110 crore for Minority Development Corporation. Implementation of various schemes using available grants of Rs. 306 crore.


  • Target to construct 5 lakh houses in the current year. Priority to be given to housing in aspirational taluks – Rs.500 crore allocation.
  • Action to develop and distribute 30,000 properties through Housing Board. Out of this, 10,000 sites to be distributed to Economically Weaker Sections under “Namma Nele” programme.

Welfare of Labourers

  • Establishment of Karnataka ‘Asanghatitha Karmikara Kalyana Nidhi’ for the welfare of unorganized Benefits to more than Rs. 75 lakh people.

Increase in Honorarium

  • Monthly Honorarium increased by Rs.1,000 to Anganawadi workers and assistants, Asha workers, cooks and assistants under Mid-day Meal scheme, Grama Sahayakas, Home Guards and Librarians.

Skill Development for Inclusive Growth

  • Target of skill development training to 5 lakh candidates under Mukhyamantri Koushalya Karnataka Scheme, Amrutha Koushalya Tarabethi, Pradhan Mantri KoushalyaVikasYojana and other schemes.
  • High level skill training in production of Bamboo products, Channapatna toys, Kinhala art, Pottery, Bidari art, Embroidery and others for the rejuvenation of traditional skills.
  • Developing Government ITIs which have completed 50 years in aspirational taluks as Heritage Institutions. Grant of Rs.100 crore for the purchase of modern machinery and equipment.
  • Industrial and Entrepreneurship Training to Degree, Engineering, Polytechnic and ITI students under “Kalike Jothe Koushalya” programme; Action for skill development training in residential schools under KREIS and in Bengaluru for specially-abled children.

Sector 3 – Stimulating Economic Growth

Importance to Rural Development

  • Allocation of 6,231 crore to Jal Jeevan Mission Scheme to provide tap connections to rural households.
  • Target to provide employment to 88 lakh families at a cost of 1,800 crores under Mahatma Gandhi NREGA.
  • To strengthen Panchayat Raj system, additional granst to the extent of Rs. 780 crroes. GPs to get Rs. 22 lakhs to Rs. 60 lakhs.
  • Rs. 300 crore grant for construction of a total 5,000 km road connecting the village roads and the farm lands.
  • Allocation of Rs.4,190 crore for construction of drainage system in rural areas under NREGA and Swach Bharath Mission.
  • Rs. 200 crore to be spent for the development of 2,000 tanks in villages.
  • Establishment of libraries in 330 Gram Panchayats having no Upgradation of 1,000 rural libraries for specially- abled children.

Regional Balance

  • Action to implement 5,000 crore works in Kalyana Karnataka.
  • Implementation of Big Data Lake scheme under Planning Department for data analysis and forecasting.

Sustainable Development of Cities

  • A grant of Rs.6,820 crore to provide tap connections to 7.21 lakh households in 185 cities and towns under Centrally sponsored Amruth 2.0 Scheme.
  • Rs. 300 crore for the construction of 5,000 houses to Poura karmikas under “Poura Asare” Scheme.
  • Action to complete 143 works at a cost of Rs.3,395 crore under Smart City Abhiyan.
  • Construction of Integrated township in Mysuru, Chikkaballapura, Chitradurga, Haveri, Kolar and Ramanagara.

Energy Sector Growth

  • Investment of Rs.3,000 crore for strengthening electricity transmission and distribution network under Karnataka Power Transmission Corporation Limited.
  • Modernization of Generation Switchyard Equipments and Protection Systems of Karnataka Power Corporation Limited at a total cost of Rs.102 crore.
  • Implementation of Sharavathi Pumped Storage Power Plant Project at a cost of Rs.7,394 crore. Establishment of a new 1,000 MW Pumped Storage Plant under PPP.
  • Establishment of 2 MW capacity Solar Plant with the facility of battery storage at a cost of Rs.48 crore in Pavagada Solar Park

Development of Roads and Highways

  • Rs. 2,000 crore for the development of 1,700 km length State Highways in State Core Network.
  • DPR to be prepared to take-up construction 2,943 km length of State Highway under K-SHIP-4.
  • Development of 5,000 km long roads at a cost of Rs.1,500 crore to provide connectivity in major district centre and connecting village roads.
  • Action to develop four lane Bidar-Kalaburagi-Ballari road at a total cost of Rs. 7,650 crore.
  • Allocation of Rs. 250 crore to construct 500 foot-over bridges.
  • A Rs.100 crore special package for the development of main roads of Kodagu district.

Infrastructure Development

  • Allocation of Rs.7,561 crore for the Railway projects of the State in the Central budget. Allocation of State share of 2,647 crore for various projects.
  • Action to commence works of Davanagere and Koppal Airports.
  • Launching of 12 Minor Ports Development Projects at a cost of 597 crore under “Sagarmala” project.
  • Action to develop Deep Water All Weather Green Field Ports in Keni and Pavinakurve of Uttara Kannada district.
  • Action to commence operation of additional shipyard in old Mangaluru Port.
  • Action for Marina development in Byndoor of Udupi district to encourage tourism.
  • Steps to develop services of Barges in the course of Gurupura and Netravathi rivers and Light Cargo Transport boat services in Bagalkote-Kankanawadi-Kadampura, Kalaburagi-Sannati, Shivamogga-Kogaru-Shiglu, Mangaluru-Hangarakatte and waterways through Mangaluru-Karwar-Goa-Mumbai.

Promotion of Industries

  • Establishment of Plug and Play Industrial Park around Bengaluru for early commencement of the operations of Multinational Companies.
  • Establishment of new Industrial Estates in Kodkani of Uttara Kannada, Kanagala of Belagavi, Badanaguppe of Chamarajanagar, Chittapura                of            Kalaburagi, Byragondanahalli-Chikkanayakanahalli of Tumakuru, Humnabad of Bidar, Raichur rural, Hoovinahipparagi of Vijayapura and Molakalmuru of Chitradurga.
  • The limit for the loan provided at 4% rate of interest for the women entrepreneurs in the Service sector increased from 2 crore to Rs.5 crore.
  • Implementation of 151 projects at a cost of Rs.4,332 crore under District Comprehensive Mine Affected Environment Rejuvenation Development Programme in Ballari, Chitradurga, Vijayanagara and Tumakuru districts.
  • Simplification of sanctioning of Stone Quarry Relaxation of rules to provide exemptions in permissions for the people dependent on mining of building stones.
  • Establishment of Mega Textile Parks in Raichur, Kalaburagi, Vijayapura and Chikkamagaluru and Mini Textile Parks in 25 places of the State. Creation of 25 thousand employment expected.
  • Establishment of Ethanol production unit in Mysugar of Mandya.
  • Establishment of start-up park at a cost of 30 crore near Kempegowda International Airport.
  • Assistance of 10 crore for the establishment of Epidemic Preparedness Centre in Bengaluru.
  • Upgradation of 6 Regional and Sub-Regional Science Centres of the State.
  • Establishment of Karnataka State Research Foundation for the coordination of Research and Development activities.

Sector 4 – Comprehensive Development of Bengaluru

  • Rs. 150 crore to the development of 75 junctions to ease traffic congestion.
  • Construction of elevated road at a cost of Rs.350 crore from Tin Factory to Medahalli and construction of integrated flyover from Yeshwanthpur Railway Station to Mathikere and up to BEL road. White topping of 120 km arterial road at a cost of 100 crore and development of 300 km arterial-sub- arterial roads at a cost of Rs.450 crore.
  • Rs. 300 crore for the reconstruction of roads of 110 villages.
  • Rs. 300 crore for the road development in the areas surrounding Sir M. Vishweshwaraiah Metro Terminal of Baiyappanahalli for easing traffic congestion.
  • Action for commissioning 40.15 km line under Bengaluru Metro Rail Project.
  • State Government to bear 30% of land acquisition for the construction of Satellite Town Ring Road.
  • Grant of Rs.1,000 crore for the Bengaluru Sub-urban Rail Project.
  • Implementation of Rs. 3,000 crore World Bank Assisted Project for Flood control in Bengaluru.
  • Action to complete the 5th stage works of Kaveri Water Supply Project in the current year. Pure drinking water facility to 50 lakh people.
  • Assistance of Rs.200 crore to BWSSB to implement the 2nd stage of pure drinking water project for 110 villages.
  • Action to build additional 400 MLD sewage treatment capacity in the City.
  • Establishment of ultramodern odourless waste treatment plant in every ward.
  • Implementation of school development project costing Rs.180 crore under Amrutha Nagarothana.
  • Action to mandate the large scale waste producers to process the waste at their own level.
  • Construction of 250 “She Toilets” for women.
  • Re-constitution of Bengaluru Health Administration System to Bengaluru Health Systems.
  • Action for establishment of 3 High-tech nurseries.
  • GPS surveillance to prevent encroachment of BBMP properties.
  • A grant of 261 crore for completion of Safe City Project.

Sector 5 – Culture and Conservation of Natural Resources

  • Installation of Kannada Mathe Sri Bhuvaneshwari statue and development of Theme Park in Bengaluru.
  • Vishwa Kannada Sammelana will be held at Davangere.
  • A grant of 150 crore through various departments for development of roads of border areas of the State.
  • Janapada Habba to be held in each District under “Namma Jille Namma Sanskruthi” Programme.
  • Implementation of Kannada Language Comprehensive Development Act to ensure interest of Kannadigas.


Priority to Youth Empowerment

  • Rs. 1,500 Scholarship for three months short term training at ITIs for youths who dropped out after school education under “Badukuva Dari” scheme: Rs.1,500 stipend under apprenticeship programme for 3 months.
  • Rs. 2,000 financial assistance for appearing in competitive examination to the graduate youth who could not get employment even after three years under “Yuva Snehi” scheme.
  • Rs. 100 crore grants for comprehensive development of stadium of districts and talukas of the State.
  • Rs. 50 crore for establishing Karnataka Olympic Kanasina Yojane Nidhi: action for sponsoring meritorious sportspersons.


  • Implementation of Permanent Facility Development scheme for Anjanadribetta, Chamundibetta, Hampi Monuments development and Mysuru Exhibition Authority.
  • Rs. 60 crore for the development of Hampi Vijayavittal Temple, Vijayapura Gol Gumbaz, Chikkaballapura District Bhoganandishwara Temple, Badami Caves, Kittur and Bidar Forts.
  • Construction of International level State Museum and Art Gallery at cost of 10 crore at Mysuru.
  • Chennabyradevi Memorial Garden to be developed at Honnavar.
  • Development of Suragondanahalli, the birth place of Santh Sevalal: grant of Rs.5 crore for the development of Samadhi of Shahaji Maharaj in Hodigere.
  • Nadaprabhu Kempegowda Tourism Circuit, Construction of Ramamandira at Ramadevara Betta.
  • Integrated Development Sannati-Chandralamba Temple, Ganagapur Dattatreya Temple and Banavasi Madhukeshwara Temple Complex.
  • Grant of 20 crore for conservation of Malakhed Fort.


Forest, Environment and Ecology

  • Establishment of first Environment Science University at Sirsi in the State.

Sector 6 – Administrative Reforms and Public Service Delivery

  • Formulation of rules under Land Revenue Act for leasing of land subject to maximum ceiling of 25 acres for 30 years for the growers of plantation crop in the Government land.
  • Target of 3,000 Phodimuktha villages in the current year.
  • Re-designation of Gramasahayaka as Vested with responsibility of delivering Government services at the door step of the people. Increase of monthly honorarium of Gramashayak by Rs. 1,000.
  • A Grant of Rs.1,000 crore for the renovation of temples and mutts through Endowment department.
  • Increase of annuity of Inam lands of temples of Endowment department from Rs. 48,000 to Rs. 60,000.
  • Rs. 150 crore for National Cyclone Risk Mitigation Scheme phase-3.
  • Implementation of scientific guidance value system through K-GIS Technology of Stamps and Registration department.
  • Establishment of 3rd phase data centre at a cost of Rs.590 crore.
  • Promoting construction of mini theatre of 100 to 200 capacity in the tier-2 cities of the State.
  • 2,000 posts to be created at various levels to strengthen police system in Bengaluru City
  • Construction of 3,000 houses at a cost of 450 crore under Police Gruha Scheme.
  • Forensic Science Laboratories to be built at a cost of 10 crore at Tumkuru and Shivamogga.
  • Forensic Science University at Dharwad.
  • A grant of Rs.100 crore for the of Security Equipment and other facilities under K-Safe 2 Scheme.
  • Home Guard’s honorarum increased by 100 per day.
  • Establishment of Cyber Security Operation Centre for the Security of Government websites, online services and data centre.
  • ‘Mukhya Mantri Vima Yojane’ of Rs.4 lakh for auto drivers, taxi drivers, lorry drivers and delivery persons for e- Benefits for 16.50 lakh people. Grant of Rs.57 crore.
  • Operation of 1,000 new schedules through transport corporations at a cost of Rs.100 crore for the benefit of 19 lakh school and college students. Additional 2 lakh students will be benefitted.
  • Rs. 85 crore for construction of Automated Driving Licence Testing tracks at Tumkuru, Haveri, Yelahanka, Kasturinagar (Benglauru East), Sakleshapur, KGF, Chinthamani, Sagar, Gokak, Ranebennuru, Dandeli, Sirsi and Bhalki cities.
  • Initiative for installing charging station at Government offices and State Road Transport Corporation depots.


Tax Proposals

  • Simplification of Profession Tax Act. Increase in exemption limit for lower income employees from 15,000 to Rs.25,000
  • Karasamadhana Schme for settlement of pre-GST tax disputes.
  • Target for collection of tax / revenue for various departments for the year 2023-24.
  • Commercial Taxes        department-excluding GST compensation 92,000 crore.
  • Stamps and Registration department – Rs. 19,000 crore.
  • Excise department – Rs. 35,000 crore.
  • Transport department – Rs. 10,500 crore.
  • Mines and Geology department – Rs.  7,500 crore.