An overview of the GST Council recommendations in 48th Meeting

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An overview of the GST Council recommendations in 48th Meeting



Let us have a short overview of few important recommendation of the 48th GST Council :

*GST Registration related*:

1 At the time of gst registration now otp will be send on mobile no & email id registered with pan so that no one can get GST Registration without knowledge of PAN Holder.

2 GSTN is trying to implement bio-metric based aadhar authentication & physical verification at the time of registration so that no fake and fraudulent registrations can be taken. Proposal to conduct a pilot in State of Gujarat.

*GST Returns related*:

3 Now the Returns (GSTR 1,3B,9,9C,4 etc etc) can only be filed at maximum of 3 years after the Due date. Earlier there is no limit for filing returns, as we know If returns not filed till 6 months then registration will get suspended but still returns can be filed. But now insertion of restriction in time limit.

4 GSTR-1 FORM will be amended & new tables to be inserted for reporting of details of supplies made through ECOs, covered under section 52 and section 9(5).

*New GST Forms Related* :

5 *New form DRC-01B* & Rule 88c to be inserted, this will be an intimation form for the Differences in GSTR-1 & GSTR-3B for the tax period if difference exceeds an specific amount/ percentage limit, so taxpayers has to pay the amount or explain the differences.

If not paid or not explained then the next period gstr-1 will be restricted & can’t be filed.

this form will be system generated so no involvement of any officer for tax difference payment.

*E-invoice Related* :

6 Circular will be issued for clarification on applicability of e-invoices from 1st jan 2023.

*Definition changes related* :

7 Defination of NTOR & OIDAR will be changed to reduce interpretation issues and litigation.

*Verification of ITC by department Related* :

8 For FY 17-18 & 18-19, Circular will be issued for clarification about what procedure is followed by department / Officers for verification of ITC in GSTR-3B vis a vis Available in GSTR-2A.

*POS Related*:

9 For Goods transportation services, Circulation will be issued for clarifying Place of Supply & ITC Availability & commission of Section 12(8).

*TDS-TCS Diductors Related* :

10 facility will be provided for the cancelation of registration on their request

*Demand related*:

11 Circular will be issued for clarification of re-determination of demand in section 75(2).

*For taxpayers Whose IBC Proceedings has finalised Related* :

12 Circular to be issued for clarifying the issue of treatment of statutory dues under GST & GST DRC-25 also to be amended.

All Recommendations will be effective from the date when the notification / circulars will be issued.

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