IT officials raid steel manufacturers in Jalna: Came as Baraatis

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IT officials raid steel manufacturers in Jalna: Came as Baraatis

An innovative working on the Raid wing (DI) of the Income Tax department is unparalleled. Recent one is the raid in Jalna wherein IT official moves in a car titled as “Rahul Weds Anjali” and the team could be presumed as Barati by everyone.

Let us have a short glimpse of the raid:

  1. The Income Tax department has recovered an undisclosed wealth of more than Rs 300 crore during an eight-day raid (between August 1 and August 8) at the premises of a Jalna-based group, which deals in cloth, steel, and real estate businesses.
  1. The raid was conducted at three rolling mills in the new Maharashtra Industrial Development Corporation (MIDC) and financial transactions related to them.
  1. The investigating team initially could not find anything amiss. They then received a tip-off of illegal cash at a farmhouse. About half of the cash was recovered from the farmhouse.
  1. Rest of the cash was recovered at 3 factory workers’ residences. The department has totally found Rs 56 crore in cash, 32 kilograms of gold, pearls, diamonds, and property papers from there.
  1. The investigating team came disguised as wedding guests in 120 cars, so that no one could identify them, on their way for the raid.

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