Can revised Form GST Trans 2 be filed?


Can revised Form GST Trans 2 be filed?


The Kolkata High court permitted has answered in affirmative that the revised Form GST Trans 2 can be filed.


The Hon’ble High Court observed as under:


A person filing a Form GST TRAN 2 therefore, should be afforded an opportunity, to explain the Form GST TRAN 2, in the event, such person chooses to do so. Moreover, Form GST TRAN 2 will be taken into consideration for the purpose of assessment. In the assessment proceedings, the person filing the Form GST TRAN 2 would be at liberty to establish by cogent evidence that, the figures filed therein are incorrect or untrue. The Assessing Officer will be obliged to take into consideration such a stand while pronouncing upon the assessment. Therefore, when such a person, is seeking to correct Form GST TRAN 2 on its own, an opportunity should be afforded to such person to correct the same. The authorities may retain the original GST TRAN 2 Form for their assessment purpose and can confront the person seeking to revise the GST TRAN 2 with the Form GST TRAN 2 as originally filed and require explanation from the person filing a revised From GST TRAN 2 as to why such revision was required and whether such revisions are justified or not. Such an enquiry can be held in the assessment proceedings. There is no ground as to why, a person filing Form GST TRAN 2 should not be allowed to revise Form GST TRAN 2 after its initial filing. In view of the discussions above, the issue is answered in the affirmative and in favour of the petitioners.

The copy of the order is as under:


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