“FAQs ON DIR – 3 KYC – PART 1”


“FAQs ON DIR – 3 KYC – PART 1”

Important Questions on Filing of DIR-3 KYC

Q1.What is the due date for filing DIR-3 KYC?

Ans.: Due date for filing the KYC form is 30th September of every year.

Q2. Who is required to File DIR-3 KYC / Web KYC?

Ans: Every Director / Designated Partner (having DIN / DPIN) who has been allotted DIN / DPIN on or before the end of the financial year, and whose DIN / DPIN status is ‘Approved’, would be mandatorily required to file form DIR-3 KYC / Web KYC.

Q3.A person has a DIN but is not a Director / Designated Partner in any Company/LLP as on date, then is it require to file DIR 3 KYC / Web KYC?

Ans.: Yes, all DIN holders require to file their KYC – forms / Web KYC.

Q 4. Whether multiple filing of form DIR-3 KYC is allowed?

Ans.: System will not allow multiple filing of form DIR-3 KYC for an applicant. In case KYC is already filed for a DIN, and such DIN is entered again, system throws an error that the form is already filed.

Q 5. Whether non-resident directors can provide Indian mobile numbers?

Ans: In case the DIN holder is a resident of India, the address must be an address in India and mobile number must be an Indian mobile number. In case DIN holder is non-resident, foreign address and foreign number shall only be allowed.

Q 6. In case of having multiple DINs and have not  filed DIR-3 KYC for any of the DINs. and wants to surrender the DIN but while Filling the form DIR-3 KYC, the DIN is not getting prefilled?

Ans: In case you have multiple DINs then you need to retain the oldest DIN and surrender all the latest DINs by filing DIR -5 e-form.

  1. 7: What will happen if DIR-3 KYC is not filed?

Form DIR-3 KYC, if filed within the due date of the respective financial year, no fee is payable. However, if filed after the due date, for DIN status ‘Deactivated due to non-filing of DIR-3 KYC’a fee of Rs.5000 (Rupees Five Thousand Only) shall be payable.

Q8: Whether Disqualified directors required to file form DIR-3 KYC?

Ans: Yes (DIN is ‘Approved’)

Q9: What is the validity of the OTPs?

Ans: OTP is valid for 30 minutes.

Q10: Who can certify the form?

Ans: Professionals (CS/CA/CMA)