How to file Form NO. 10BD – Stepwise Guide


How to file Form NO. 10BD – Stepwised Guie


The trusts & institutions who are registered u/ s 80G are now required to file Form No. 10BD on or before 31st May.

The utility for filing the form along with detailed guidelines thereon has been released.

Here is a step wise guide for filing the Form No. 10BD

One can just follow the step wise procedure given hereunder to file the form No. 10BD:

  1. Login into income Tax portal at
  1. Now,  Go to    =    e file Menu  = Income Tax Forms   =   File Income Tax Forms
  1. In the File Income Tax forms, one has to choose-Select one amongst the following options:=   Persons not dependent on any source of Income(source of income not relevant)
    =   Scroll down you will find Form
    =   Tax Exemptions and Reliefs(Form 10BD)
    click on File NowWith the above steps, you will be taken to the next display screen.
  1. The next screen will display the statement of particulars to be filed by reporting person U/s 80G(5)/35(1A)(i)
  1. Now, one has to select the Financial Year (FY) i.e., 2021-22 for the current year.
  1. After the financial year is selected, the “Continue” option will get activated
  1. Click on continue Step
  1. The Next display will give the following options:
    =   File Statement of Particulars to be filed by reporting person U/s 80G(5)/35(1A)(i)
  1. Now, one has to click on  “Let’s get started”
  1. With this, the real form submission process gets started by provide details under each section like=   Basic information=   Details of the donors and donations

    =   Verification Part A  – basic information

    =   After above feeding, one will be required to Confirm / modify the information already appearing on the screen.

    =   click on Confirm if everything is ok.

 – PART B 

=   Details of the donors and donations

=  One can download the Template which is just an excel template which can then be converted in to CSV file for uploading it

  1. The last step for filing is “Verification”.
    One can feed the required particulars in the verification tab to complete the process of filing.
  2. Form can be signed with the DSC or can be validated through Electronic Verification Code (EVC) wherein OTP will be provided on the aadhar linked mobile number of the signatories.