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Nature of Compliance Due Date
Depositing of Income Tax TCS for May – 2022 07-Jun
Depositing of Income Tax TOS for May – 2022 07-Jun
GSTR-7 (TOS Deductor) for the month of May – 2022 10-Jun
GSTR-8 (TCS Deductor) for the month of May – 2022 10-Jun
GSTR-I (other than QRMP) for May – 2022 11 -Jun
GSTR-6 by Input Service Distributors for the May – 2022 13-Jun
GSTR.I IFF (who opted QRMP) for May – 2022 13-Jun
GSTR.2B  Summary of Inward Supplies May – 22 14-Jun
Issue of TDS Certificate uls 1941A/ 1941B/ 194M for Apr – 2022 14-Jun
First instalment of advance tax for the assessment year 2023-24 15-Jun
Payment of PFIESI contribution for May – 2022 15-Jun
Issue of TDS Certificate for 4th Qtr-Ending on March – 2022 15-Jun
Filing of 24G statement by AIR for For May – 2022 15-Jun
GSTR-3B (other than QRMP) for the month of May – 2022 20-Jun
GSTR-5A (OIDAR Service Provider) for the month of May – 2022 20-Jun
G STR-5 (Non Resident Taxable Person) for the month of May – 2022 20-Jun
GSTR-3B for March 2021 (Monthly) upto S Cr State Category I 21 -Jun
CSTR-3B for Q Jan to Mar 2021 (Quaterly) upto 5 Cr State Category I 21-Jun
G STROB (Who opted QRMP) for May 2022 for State category I 22-Jun
PMT-06 (Who opted QRMP) Payment of Taxes for May – 2022 25-Jun
Challan-cum-statement of TDS UIs 1941A/1941B/194M for May – 2022 30-Jun
Equalisation Levy Statement for FY 2021-22 30-Jun
PTRC Return for Monthly Filer for May – 2022 30-Jun
Return of Deposit -DPT-3 Under company Law For FY – 2021-2022 30-Jun
LLP Form-ll. submitting details of the business of the LLP and its partners for the FY 2021 – 2022 30-Jun

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