Request for Extension of Due Dates under Direct Tax till 31st March 2022.


Request for Extension of Due Dates under Direct Tax till 31st March 2022.

AP India MSME and Tax Professionals Association (AIMTPA) has given a representation to the Finance Minister for Extension of Due Dates under Direct Tax of all the Forms and Returns (Including Income Tax Returns, Tax Audit and Transfer Pricing Audit Report) till 31st March 2022.
The copy of the representation is as under:
AP India MSME and Tax Professionals Association
Honorable Smt. Nirmala Sitharaman ji
Finance Minister
Government of India New Delhi,
Respected Madam
Sub: Request for Extension of Due Dates under Direct Tax till 31st March 2022.
First of all we would like to appreciate that the Government of India launched new Income Tax Portal for providing smooth services to the Taxpayers and Tax Professionals. It is understandable that any such huge changes, which take place, takes time to stable for fast and smooth functioning of the services. After the launching in June 2021, I.T. Portal had faced many glitches in its working, which has delayed in filing of Income Tax Returns, TDS and other Forms. This lead the Govt. to extend the various dates in that time.
However, if all we go through the filing data statics, it shows that most of the filled ITRs are for Assesses who have Income from Salary, Interest etc. as the ITRs for Firms, Businesses, Companies and TAR etc. are not getting filled smoothly due to many Website technical Glitches, which still persist in the portal and the filing is not getting possible and taking a long time and energy and Mental situation of the Assesses and Tax Professionals getting wasted day by day.
To remove the hardships of Assesses and Tax Professionals, it is requested that for this year the time for filing of all the Forms and Returns should be extended to 31St March 2022 without any penal conditions, as the same will go long way in stabilizing and settling the I.T. portal and it will also allow the other stakeholders to feel better for the portal.
The below mentioned points need to be considered for the above requested extension: –
  1. The schema for TAR, which is getting updated on daily basis and resulting in wrong data getting reflected in different fields and columns of TARs.
  2. The portal is not allowing the filling of Forms for New Registration of Trusts and societies and thus denying filing of ITR-7 Form.
  3. The non-working of DSC functionality in many cases through different-different errors randomly.
  4. In case ITR-6 for Companies Return, the companies opted for concessional Tax u/S 115BAA or 15BAB last year, The Portal is not allowing the filing of ITR and is asking for filing of Form 10-IC again but not allowing its filing.
  5. The Portal is not allowing filing Form 10-IE in many cases and showing unknown reasons.
There are many more problems, which are being faced by the Assessee and Tax Professionals besides the issue of slow working of portal, which resulting delay in work of professionals and other stakeholders and that is why it is requiring time to smooth and correct data to file the data with the Government, thus the Extension upto Financial Year end (31/03/2022), will give a sense of cooperation, relief to all the stakeholders and a feeling that the Government and other stakeholders are moving together in making the new initiative of the government a success
With reference to above it is respectfully submitted on behalf of tax payers of the country that Due to unavailability of the I.T. Portal, various glitches and frequently changing schemas taking huge time to File Returns online as well as with Third Party Software extension should be given in public interest as soon as.
We hope that above mentioned suggestions will be implemented with true spirit and for the sake of all the Business and trade assesses.
AP India MSME and Tax Professionals Association