Revamped Form No. 15CA & 15CB submission process

Revamped Form No. 15CA & 15CB submission process


Revamped Form No. 15CA & 15CB submission process

The Income Tax Department is introducing a totally revamped new Form 15CA and Form 15CB submission process.
It is based on various feedback provided by numerous corporates and professionals all over the country. It is expected that these transformations will simplify the preparation, assignment, submission, and verification process involved in the entire filing cycle of the Form.

The major key revamped procedures is as under::

(a) Taxpayers are no longer required to assign the same CA for multiple 15CA/CB submissions in a year. Appointment of CA for Form 15CB is a one-time activity for a particular Financial Year.

(b) Once Single Assignment is done at the beginning of the year, a CA can initiate Form 15CB for a particular Remittee & Remitter without requiring the taxpayer to fill Part-C of Form 15CA and assigning it to CA during the entire year. The earlier practice of multiple acceptance/rejection for every form is removed, simplifying the entire process.

(c) The taxpayer and CA can now access Form 15CA & 15CB respectively from File Income Tax Forms functionality for filing instead of Worklist For your Action.

(d) E-Filing will enable the Offline/Bulk Mode of submission process by 4th Oct. The taxpayer could generate XML files using the Java based Offline Utility made available on the portal in the “Download” section under “Income Tax Forms” page and upload the same in the portal for onward filings. While the new online process will follow soon on the portal.

Taxpayers are requested to complete all the pending tasks/activities in relation to existing 15CA and 15CB submissions which are in pending state at the earliest as the same will no longer be usable in Drafts, Worklists, Pending acceptance or Filing as the case may be.

For detailed process, refer Form 15CA and Form 15CB process flow document under “News & Updates” on the efiling portal.

The detailed chart is as under: