“ Recognition to CS under IFSCA”


“ Recognition to CS under IFSCA” 


Recognition to Company Secretary under the International Financial Services Centres Authority (Issuance and Listing of Securities) Regulations, 2021

The Institute in furtherance of its endeavours to provide new opportunities to its members has been sending suggestions on various draft rules, regulations, policies and guidelines, etc. issued by Ministries, government organisations and regulatory bodies to seek recognitions in new areas of practice and employment.

ICSI is pleased to share that the International Financial Services Centres Authority (IFSCA) hasrecognized the Company Secretary as ‘Compliance Officer to be appointed under Regulation 130 ofIFSCA (Issuance and Listing of Securities) Regulations, 2021 issued vide gazette notification dated16th July, 2021.

Recognition to Company Secretary mentioned above is as under:

  1. Compliance Officer and his Obligations

(1) A listed entity shall appoint a qualified company secretary as the compliance officer.

(2) The compliance officer of the listed entity shall be responsible for

  1. ensuring conformity with the regulatory provisions applicable to the listed entity in letter and spint;
  2. coordination with and reporting to IFSCA, recognised stock exchange(s) and depositories with respect compliance with rules, regulations and other directives of these authorities in the manner as specified from time to time; and
  3. ensuring that the correct procedures have been followed that would result in the correctness, authenticity and comprehensiveness of the information, statements and reports filed by the listed entity under these regulations.

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