Open Letter to all FMCG Companies


Open Letter to all FMCG Companies



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Date 24/08/2021



 Dear patron,

Distributor are the link which is always working tot small,big retail, wholesale shopkeeper apox 8 million of such retailer’s strong chain of network to reach the company’s merchandise to the customer in true sense.

Distributor who buys products against advance payment from the company and distributes them to market at his own  expense or credit. Distributor salesman, helper driver, hamal, and accountant employ many such  people and the retailers are the chain together involved in the entire process there are 4 latch distributors across the country.

Distributor who sells every single product of the company day and night in the market and makes it a brand one actuality is that the Distributor is one of the main prerequisites in FMCG trade who plays a foremost role in product availability, building brands in the market and strengthens the company. In spite of dedication and hard work the entrepreneurs are penalized in various policies those are implemented by the company without concerning the profile concerned .Distributor is truly the unique, valuable link for the economy which connects the company with ends consumers.

But today entire Distributor’s fraternity is in danger due to a handful of capitalists, talabanic tendency as same B2B companies like Jiomart, Walmart, Metro cash in carry, booker, elasticrun,udaan etc. have come down to destroy this the big capitalist eB2B companies by way of flaunting law and using all unethical and predatory tactics to establish monopoly and destroy age old distribution network business which will be completely smashed resulting into huge unemployment.

The demanding nature of the company has lead to huge infrastructure and  financial investments. attracting financial institutions to be a part & parcel of the above investments which is speculated to be in danger too.

We distributors are united, and we will resist such supremacy with full strength. There is huge dissatisfaction among the distributors against HUL and soon the talk agitation all over the country is gaining momentum.

We request all the FMCG companies on behalf of the organization that if any company has made any such agreement has the Intention to do it in the coming time, and then they should know that the organization will take stern steps against such companies. There will be protests against this company. the agreement of Jiomart and HUI. is inequitable, deceptive, stratagem written will make lakhs of people unemployed, bankrupt as well as it will have a deep impact on the livelihood of all the people associated with the distribution business and their famillies financial institution who have hugely invested in this sector will be chance.

The supplier-4 will reach the large and preferred trader’s, but the goods will stop reaching the small vendors, micro vendors, small companies will also be affected, and only one important link in the chain of public distribution system will diminish eventually and left to the mercy of this predatory e-commerce companies monopolizing the trade.

Humble Appeal to all the companies, officers of the companies, shareholders, investors, financial institutions and the government should seriously consider this matter, and have foresight on the outcome of this entire course of events.

Our federation is committed to our members and protects their interest by mediating to coordinate with the company and resolve the issues amicably. As a last resort we assure to initiate every step in this conflict to safeguard their business which hopefully will not reach to that extent.

Dhairyashi H Patil


The All India consumer Products Distributors Federation (AICPDF)