How to register Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) in new portal- 7 Steps Gude


How to register Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) in new portal- 7 Steps Gude


There are lot many taxpayers who are finding difficulty in registeringthe DSC at the new income tax portal. Here is a 7 steps guide for registering DSC. It may be noted that one has to register Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) in new portal even though it was registered earlier in old portal. For registration, Assessee must have the registered user of the e-filing portal with valid username and password. Before following the given steps hereunder, assessee must downloaded and Installed the “emsigner utility” (eMBridge). Only Valid DSC token of Class 2 or Class 3 can be registered It should be active and not expired.

The 7 steps guide is as under:

Step -1 : 

First, Login to the E- filing website ( with username and password of Individual or authorized signatory.


Step-2 :

Click on “My Profile” form the login Dashboard.


Step-3 :

 Now at the left side of the screen click on ” Register DSC” to register new DSC


Step-4 : 

Your PAN number will be displayed and select “I have downloaded and installed emsigner utility” (Which we have already downloaded if now download and install “eMBridge” using the link the displayed in screen). Click on Continue.


Step-5 :

 Insert the USB token in the USB port of your machine and run the “eMBridge”


Step-6 : 

Click the Provider in the Drop down (Provider details are displayed in the after successful running of the eMBridge application, Select the Certificate from the drop down (DSC holder name will be shown in the drop down)


Step-7 :

Now, taxpayers has to punch the Password i.e. DSC token password and click on “Sign”