How to file Ledger Related Grievances in GST (FORM GST PMT-04)

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How to file Ledger Related Grievances in GST (FORM GST PMT-04)


  1. For which issues can I raise a grievance related to Ledgers?

Grievance can be raised in case of following issues:

  • Discrepancy in Electronic Cash Ledger
  • Discrepancy in Electronic Credit Ledger
  • Discrepancy in Electronic Liability Register
  1. Who can report grievances? Do I need to be a registered user of GST Portal for filing grievances related to ledgers?

Any registered taxpayer, taxpayer with UIN and any user who has been assigned Temporary ID can raise grievance for Ledger related issues.

  1. Who addresses the submitted grievances?

All grievances are handled through the GST Portal and Grievance request is sent to the notified Grievance Officer of the respective Jurisdiction, to which the GSTIN holder /UIN holder/ holder of Temp Id belongs.

  1. Is there a way I can monitor the progress / status of my grievance after filing?

Users can check the progress / status of their grievances from within the GST Portal itself using “Enquire Status” service under Grievance Menu. All grievances will show one of the following statuses, depending on their resolution path and check point:

  • Submitted: On submission of grievance
  • Awaiting Inputs: If some query is raised or further inputs are required from the taxpayer
  • Closed: Once the grievance is resolved

Whenever there is an update on the grievance ticket, Taxpayer / Applicant will receive updates by SMS and e-mail message.

  1. Can I submit grievance in pre-login mode?

The grievance can be submitted in both pre-login and post login mode.

  1. How can I file a Grievance / Complaints on the GST Portal?

You can file a grievance in both pre-login and post login mode. Navigate to Services > User Services > Grievance / Complaints and submit the grievance form thereafter.

  1. How can I enquire/ track status of the Grievance / Complaints filed on the GST Portal?

Navigate the Services > User Services > Grievance / Complaints Enquire Status and enter the Grievance Number and status will be displayed.

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