“Cabinet approves continuation of 1,023 fast-track special courts for 2 years”


“Cabinet approves continuation of 1,023 fast-track special courts for 2 years”


Key Highlights:

  • Cabinet approves continuation of Centrally Sponsored Scheme for Fast Track Special Courts for further 2 years
  • Continuation of 1023 Fast Track Special Court (FTSCs) including 389 exclusive POCSO Courts
  • Outlay of Rs. 1572.86 crore, Rs.971.70 crore as Central Share and Rs.601.16 crore as State share
  • Central Share is to be funded from Nirbhaya Fund
  • Fast Track Special Courts are dedicated courts for swift justice for victims of sexual offences and strengthen the deterrence framework for sexual offenders

The Union Cabinet on approved the continuation of the centrally sponsored scheme for fast track special courts till 31 March 2023. Following this, 1023 fast-track special courts, including 389 exclusive POCSO courts, will get an extension. Central Share is to be funded from Nirbhaya Fund. The Scheme was launched on 02.10.2019.

To bring more stringent provisions and expeditious trial and disposal of such cases, the central government enacted the Criminal Law (Amendment) Act, 2018 and made provision of stringent punishment, including death penalty for perpetrators of rape. This led to the establishment of fast track special courts.

Fast Track Special Courts are dedicated courts expected to ensure swift dispensation of justice. They have a better clearance rate as compared to the regular courts and hold speedy trials. Besides providing quick justice to the hapless victims, it strengthens the deterrence framework for sexual offenders.

Currently covering 28 States, it is proposed to be expanded to cover all 31 states which are eligible to join the Scheme. It is supporting the efforts of State/UT Governments for providing time bound justice to hapless victims of sexual offences in the country including the remote and far – flung areas. The expected outcomes of the scheme are as follows:

  • Further the commitment of the Nation to champion the cause of safety and security of women and girl child.
  • Reduce the number of pending cases of Rape & POCSO Act.
  • Provide speedy access to justice to the victims of sexual crimes and act as a deterrent for sexual offenders.
  • Fastracking of these cases will declog the judicial system of the burden of case pendency

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