Respected Madam, Income Tax Portal not working. Where is the accountability?

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Respected Madam, Income Tax Portal not working. Where is the accountability?


India is the hub of software industries with the best brains of the world present here. However, the much-awaited e-filing portal 2.0 has been finally launched and has also failed to meet the expectation of the taxpayers. Taxpayers were promised a new and improved version of income tax portal but they are yet to find even an access to the new site. Many are still not able to have a look at the new 2.0 version of income tax portal.

It was announced that the new portal will also process returns and issue refunds immediately. The new portal is also expected to enable payments on the site itself and free software to enable tax return preparation. Most of the fields are expected to be pre-filled with data such as salary income, interest, dividend and capital gains after tax deducted at source (TDS) details.

It has taken around 7 days full break to come out with the new income tax portal. Amidst high expectations, all were eagerly waiting for the new portal. It was expected that the Administration would meet the expectation of the taxpayers. It would have been better if the time of 15 days would have been taken before launching it as it would have ensured better delivery and result.

Earlier, only the GSTN portal was having trouble in working but the income tax portal was comparatively smooth. Now, the Income Tax Portal has also been made at par with the GSTN Site. Now, both the portal which is contributing highest revenue to the Government treasury have been making the life of the taxpayers miserable.

The result of the new income tax portal is very clear. All the trial and error in the country are carried out at the cost and consequences of the taxpayers.  There is no penalty on the other side. Even after such a long working of around 7 days, the income tax portal is full of glitches and problems. And the ball game has begun. The Finance Ministry is pointing out the figures at Infosys and the other side has assured to “Fix it soon”. Is it the problem of Infosys or the Ministry who is heading it?

The finance minister tweeted on Tuesday, tagging Infosys and its chairman Nandan Nilekani. “Hope @Infosys & @NandanNilekani will not let down our taxpayers in the quality of service being provided… Ease in compliance for the taxpayer should be our priority.”

After the above tweet by FM, Nandan Nilekani responded on Twitter that the company was addressing the glitches.

“@nsitharaman ji, we have observed some technical issues on day one, and are working to resolve them. @Infosys regrets these initial glitches and expects the system to stabilise during the week,”

It’s the tweet-tweet show that’s going on at twitter. The problem is starting from the login issue. Many users have expressed their inability in login. Many taxpayers have already complained they were unable to log in or use it without disruptions.

Though, the government has delayed income tax return (ITR) filing dates for all categories. For individual taxpayers, the deadline has been extended to September 30 from July 31. But why and for whom? Who is responsible for the mess up? The site is extremely slow and takes a long time to log in. The Goods and Service Tax Network (GSTN) portal, also set up by Infosys, had faced technical issues for a while after its launch.

What could be the solution? Why doesn’t the Government think of outsourcing the tax administration? It’s a new concept whereby the Government can frame the law and can outsource its administrative activities which can ensure back to back taxpayer friendly measures for better taxpayer services.

With the best brains of the software industries in the country, we are not able to meet the expectation of the Taxpayers. Where is the problem? Can’t we outsource most of the activities of tax administration to a few professional organisations for better delivery and taxpayers service?  Share your ideas and concepts for better governance.


  1. June 10, 2021
    A. Mahendra Reddy

    Any program needs patch work, have patience
    Don’t strong words ‘accountability’. Have patience

  2. June 10, 2021
    Sankay Agarwal

    I have applied for my daughters PAN through aadhar details. I am unable to navigate for status verification. I am trying since three days continuously.

  3. June 10, 2021
    Sankay Agarwal

    I cannot even register the grievance as OTP does not comes to register the grievance. What is this? You do not even give our basic right to raise the issue. Pathetic.

  4. June 10, 2021

    Profile and PAN database mismatch in the new portal.Many old taxpayers might have recently updated there email address and mobile number and for which it is showing mismatch what is going on in FM and CBDT God only knows

  5. June 10, 2021

    Sir with due respect initially there was no need to change Portal when tax rates are same if any changes that could have easily changed..we can’t stand in to govt shoes..before launching should have tried..why we should tell and than they see ,don’t they can open and see …it’s not for us World is looking….we have neither say nor voice ..even if it starts ..fresh DSC registration..n understand n get our staff understand..carrying other formality..TDS from whomever we purchase etc provision …so many things to say ..Jai Shri Krishnah

  6. June 10, 2021


  7. June 11, 2021

    Portal work should have bee carried in april this or next where there is no rush. Infosys is also getting their name bad

  8. June 19, 2021
    Ajay Mehta

    TDS return date is approaching but unable to submit single TDS return from past 1 week, not able to file appeal also

  9. July 31, 2021
    Naresh Jakhotia

    Still the site is not working. Grievances filed remains unresponded.
    Appeal, Trust registration, rectification application, etc could not be filed.
    This looks like a real tax terrorism. Hope someone in the north block reads this column and comments…

  10. July 31, 2021
    V Umesh Babu

    Accountability is a word which appears nowadays only in books and in words when we talk only but not in practical life in India and in particular in government offices. But the same officers of government expects from the tax payers for whose money there is no accountability with the government unfortunately. Government can dely anything to any number of days but it will not spare the same from taxpayers. So sad.

  11. July 31, 2021

    I suggest one thing, when you cannot make the portal to work properly , why don’t you restore the old site immediately, so that the people can file the returns in old site and feel comfortable. If you can’t do that also it is too much inconvenience you are causing to the public. You are playing with the taxpayers and taking them for granted every year some way or the other.

  12. July 31, 2021

    When trying to login to Individual the site is taking to HUF. Many number of times tried. Always it is leading to HUF login instead of individual.
    Acknowledgement could not be downloaded in case of ITR-1 filed
    E-verification is almost impossible in case of returns already filed.
    Rectification returns could not be submitted

  13. August 11, 2021
    Dwarkadas Bhutada

    No option to file rectification. Till today i.e. 11-08-21. The extended date is because of vivid or because the portal not working … Why the tax payers (particularly tax professionals) should suffer.

  14. August 12, 2021
    Kirit Dholakia

    Filing of Income tax return is difficult, for salary account, in ITR 2,


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