Grievances of the Tax Payers and Tax Practitioners due to newly launched website of Income Tax Department: Representation by All Odisha Tax Advocates Association


Grievances of the Tax Payers and Tax Practitioners due to newly launched website of Income Tax Department: Representation by All Odisha Tax Advocates Association


Dated the 16th day of June’2021


Mrs. Nirmala Sitharaman,
Hon’ble Minister of Finance,
Government of India,
South Block, New Delhi-110001

Sub:- Redressal of the grievances of the Tax Payers and Tax Practitioners due to newly launched website of Income Tax Department on 07th June,2021.

Respected Madam,

With reference to the subject cited above the members of ALL ODISHA TAX ADVOCATES ASSOCIATION, a premier Tax Advocates Association in the State of Odisha, draw your kind attention to the following facts. After launching of the website by the Income Tax Department on 07th day of June, 2021 the members are facing the problems as discussed below:-

  1. DSC is not getting registered or updated,
  2. New Incorporated companies or Firms are not able to register themselves on ITD Portal ,
  3. Forget password option is not working,
  4. IT Returns in PDF can’t be downloaded,
  5. IT acknowledgements in PDF can’t be downloaded,
  6. DIN Number not getting auto populated in new ITD website,
  7. Challan Numbers not getting validated ,
  8. There is no tab for VSV,
  9. Unable to file TDS Returns,
  10. Unable to file 15CA/15CB,
  11. E-proceedings tab is not workings,
  12. Grievances registered on ITD website are deleted without addressing — on dashboard it is shown but under search option it is not reflected,
  13. Old demands. outstanding not reflected on Dashboard but when we navigate in the portal same is reflected ,
  14. Old Grievances registered are not reflected,
  15. Unable to file Income Tax Returns for FY 2021 relevant to AY-2021-2022,
  16. Accounts get locked, if we try to login and not able to login due to non-operability of site,
  17. Unable to raise refund and reissue request,
  18. PAN Number is not shown as valid,
  19. Mismatch in PAN Data is shown when technically there is no mismatch,
  20. JSON Utility is not available,
  21. While filing Verification in ITR if we select ‘Self ‘in capacity then Name is disappeared and Shown in validation errors,
  22. Unable to submit response to outstanding demand,
  23. Intimation for returns -Processed for AY-20-21 is not available for download,
  24. Too many login pages are there,
  25. Reporting Portal is not able to connect,
  26. Very slow working of the Site,
  27. No Captcha code for login,
  28. Unable to register TAN for filing TDS return,
  29. Profile Updation is a tedious job. We have to match Aadhaar as well as PAN data. It consumes lot of time. One peculiar mismatch is if the address word has one word missing, for e.g., apartment, still our income tax site shows error as PAN and Aadhaar address is not matching. We do not have liberty to give our address. That means now we have to either update our Aadhaar or PAN,
  30. UDIN is also not able to update for last month audit and other certification,
  31. Rectification of return options is not available,
  32. Return processed in March, 2021 now shows under processing in ‘view details’,
  33. D MAT Linking is pending from 08/06/2021,
  34. Bank account is not getting linked,
  35. One issue in filing 15CA in new website. -It takes the currency as per country of remittance irrespective of – currency of remittance being USD. -If country is UK currency GBP comes as auto populated and can’t be changed to USD,
  36. 10-A application could not be uploaded for registration of the Trust / NGO,
  37. Forms are not available for uploading.

The sufferings of the Tax Payers knew no bounds during the above period:–

(a) due to partial lockdown in our State on account of spread of pandemic COVID-19 no public transport facility is available now-a-days,

(b) last date for filing ITR for the AY-2020-2021 was up to 31/05/2021,

(c) re-registration of Trusts / NGOs is permitted up to 30/06/2021,

(d) employees contribution cannot be deposited within the time allowed under the amended provisions of the statute,

(e) TDS deposits and filing of returns within time is beyond the capacity of the tax payers,

(f) where ITR is to be filed U/s.148 of the Act, the same cannot be done during this time,

(g) in few cases although documents are ready but due to non-functioning of the website, it is not possible to file the same in time,

(h) advance tax for first quarter of AY-2022-2023 could not be deposited on 15/06/2021 in the above’ circumstances,

(i) internet facility is not available everywhere and tax payers are not so educated to transmit all the documents electronically to the Tax Practitioners for taking steps during this pandemic period.

After going through the facts submitted above your Honour is requested to inquire in to the difficulties faced by the Tax Payers and Tax Practitioners now-a-days. Our Association wouldn’t request your Honour for extension of due date under the Income Tax Act, 1961, but with this representation draws your kind attention that a Circular may be issued directing the authorities below not to levy interest, penalty and launch prosecution proceedings etc. against the Tax Payers in future for the fault of the Department.

Yours Sincerest,

For & On behalf of
All Odisha Tax Advocates Association

(Natabar, Panda)

CC:- (1) Hon’ble Prime Minister of India, (2) Secretary, Department of Revenue, Ministry of Finance, (3) Chairman, CBDT, North Block, New Delhi (4) Pr. CCIT, Odisha, Bhubaneswar for information and necessary action.