No. 380/02/2021- IT(B)
Government of India
Ministry of Finance
Department of Revenue
Central Board of Direct Taxes

North Block, New Delhi
10th June, 2021


All Pr. Chief Commissioners/Pr. Director Generals of Income Tax

Subject: Interim Action Plan for the F.Y. 2021-22.


I am directed to forward herewith the Interim Action Plan for F.Y. 2021-22. You are requested to kindly circulate the same amongst all the officers in your region/charge for necessary action.

Yours faithfully,

(Arvind Kumar Mishra)
US (IT-Budget), CBDT
Tele: 23094182
E-mail: arvind.m@nic.in

End: As above

Copy to:

  1. PPS to Chairman & Members in the CBDT.
  2. All the Commissioners & Joint Secretaries of the CBDT.
  3. Database Cell for uploading on the website www.irsofficersonline.tzov.in

(Arvind Kumar Mishra)
US (IT-Budget), CBDT


Apart from the time barring work being attended to by the respective Charges, the following Key Result Areas have been identified for achievement within the time lines as indicated below:

Key Result Area                                                                                Time frame
A. Assessment Charges, Jurisdictional Assessing Officer & Exemption Charges
(i) Demand Verification:

(i) Checking of all demand PAN-wise and year-wise from Systems, AST/TMS or Manual demand wherever remaining and removal of all duplicate entries.

(ii) Verification and certification in CPC Financial Accounting System (FAS) in cases where notice u/s 245 was issued by CPC up to March 31, 2021

(i) 31.07.2021

(ii) 15.07.2021

(ii) Grievance Redressal:

Disposal of E-nivaran and CPGRAM over 30 days

(iii) Uploading of Survey Reports:

Uploading of all Survey reports, Scanned copy of photocopies/extracts of documents obtained during the survey but not impounded& any other relevant documents which are relevant for initiation and completion proceedings as per the provisions of section 143(3)/148.

(iv) Audit Objection:

Identification and further processing for:

Final settlement in 75% Major and Minor Revenue and Internal Audit Objections raised up to 31.03.2020

Final settlement of at least 50% of Major and 75% of Minor Revenue and Internal Audit Objections raised up to 31.03.2021



(v) Rectification and Appeal effects:

Disposal of applications Ws 154 filed by the assessees and giving appeal effects in all eligible cases as on 01.04.2021

Jurisdictional Assessing Officer
(vi) Uploading of all base and related documents of all assessments (including set-aside cases to be done de novo)/ penalties assigned to NaFAC Immediate
(vii) Identification and processing of all cases (search cases,153C cases, flack Money Act cases, FT&TR cases etc.) which require centralization in the Central Charges (to be done in ITBA only). 30.06,2021
(viii) Passing of orders in partly set-aside cases in atleast 25% cases of total pendency as on 01.04.2021 31.07.2021
International Tax/Transfer Pricing
(ix) Disposal of assessment in at least 30% of the International Taxation cases getting time barred on 30.09.2021 31.07.2021
(x) Verification of at least 25% of all 15 CA/CB certificates filed in FYs 2017­18 and 2018-19 and initiation of action u/s 201(1)/(1A) in appropriate cases
(xi)   Disposal of all pending applications as on 30.06.2021 for nil/lower deduction TDS/TCS certificates under section 195 and 197. All fresh applications to be disposed within a month of receipt of the same
Exemption Units
(xii) Cases falling under the jurisdiction of CCIT (Exemptions) which are still lying at incorrect jurisdictions to be identified and transferred to respective CsIT (Exemptions). As far as possible
(xiii) Disposal of all petitions filed up to 31.03.2021 seeking condonation of delay in filing Form 10 & 10B 30.06.2021
(xiv) Completion of consequential rectification by assessing officers in all cases wherein condonation has been allowed by the CIT for delay in filing Form 10 & 10B 31.07.2021
B.                NaFAC
Disposal of assessments/penalties in at least 30% of the cases getting time barred on 30.09.2021 31.07.2021
C.                TDS Units
(1) Reduction out of TDS demands as on 01.04.2021 including demand not fallen due by 25%

Collection out of TDS demands as on 01.04.2021 including demand not fallen due by 10%

(ii) Examination of top 30 cases of short payment ( per Assessing Officer) as per MIS report ‘SP with unconsumed challans’
(iii) Reconciliation of brought forward cases (as on 01.04.2021) of TDS reported by AINs with payment through OLTAS by State AGs based on report available on TRACES portal
(iv)   Seminars/awareness campaigns to be conducted through webinars
(v) Disposal of all applications u/s 154 of the Act filed by the assessee up to 31.03.2021
(vi) Passing of order u/s 201(1)/(IA) in all cases where TDS survey has been conducted up to 31.03.2021
(vii) Disposal of all pending applications as on 30.06.2021 for nil /lower deduction TDS/TCS certificates u/s 197 and 206C (9)
(i)   Passing of at least 100 draft appellate orders 31.07.2021
(ii) V5V appeals-Appeals in respect of which Form 5 has been received should be disposed Within one week of receipt of the Form
E. CIT(Audit)
(i)   Disposal of all pending references for audit certificates required for disposal of reward claims of informants. 31.07.2021
(ii) To hold one joint meeting at the level of Pr. CIT (Audit) and Pr. Director (Audit) for early settlement of pending objections. 31.07.2021
(iii) Action for settlement of at least 20% of IAP objections raised in F.Y 2020-21 31.07.2021
(i) Disposal of at least 25% compounding applications pending as on 31.03.2021 30.06.2021
(ii) Annual updation of Asset Register (as on 31.03.2021) 30.06.2021
(iii) Identification and withdrawal of non prosecutable appeals by the collegium of CCsIT/DGsIT 31.07.2021
(iv) Preparation and updating of PD account in ITBA by Pr.CITs for all transactions up to 31.03.2021 and ongoing 30.06.2021
(v) Disposal of all CPGRAMs grievances older than 30 days 30.06 2021
(vi) All rent related proposals (revision of rent or new lease agreements) to be submitted after completing all formalities to the Board 31.07.2021
(vii) Holding of all DPCs at all grades (Group – B8(C) within the Cadre control of the Pr.CCIT and issue of orders 31.07.2021
(viii) Final reply in 10% of draft para cases to be submitted to RAP 31.07.2021
(ix) Disposal of VsV matters 15.07.2021

Note: A separate Interim Action Plan for the Investigation Charges, Central Charges and Directorate of Income-tax (Intelligence & Criminal Investigation) will be issued subsequently.