Standard Format of Power of Attorney for Income Tax Cases


Standard Format of Power of Attorney for Income Tax Cases





FOR REPRESENTATION BEFORE______________________________ (Name and address of Authority)


BY THIS POWER OF ATTORNEY, I, ___________________, son/daughter of Mr. ______________,in the capacity of ___________________________________ residing at _____________________________________________, respondent in the proceedings u/s _________ of the Income Tax Act, 1961, hereinafter referred to as “said proceedings”, pending before________________(Name of the Authority) for Assessment Year ____________ (Year) hereby nominate, constitute and appoint Mr./Ms. ________________, son/daughter of Mr. ___________, resident of  (Address) _____________________________________________________________________________, as attorney on my behalf to do or execute all or any of the following acts or things in connection with, or incidental to, the said proceedings:

  1. To represent me/company/firm (Name) holding PAN/TAN_____________ before _______________ (Name of the Authority) or before any other authority in connection with the said proceedings.
  2. To submit written statements, replies, counters, pleadings, written submissions and offer explanation before the said authority.
  3. To engage or appoint any solicitor, counsel, advocate, pleader, lawyer or any other person/professional qualified to assist or provide services in relation to said proceedings.
  4. To sign and verify all pleadings, applications, notices or documents before the said authority and to deposit, withdraw and receive documents, notices and orders issued by the said authority and sign and deliver proper receipts and discharges for the same.
  5. To apply for inspection and inspect documents and records to obtain copies of documents and papers.
  6. To apply for extension of time, to get adjournments and to get copies of orders and proceedings.
  7. To enter into any compromise or settlement in relation to the said proceedings in such manner as the attorney shall think fit.
  8. To do generally all other acts and things for the conduct of said proceedings as maybe necessary and proper for the said purpose.

I/The firm (Name)/ Company (Name), hereby agree to ratify and confirm and do hereby ratify and confirm whatsoever the attorney shall do or purport to by virtue of these presents.

This power of attorney shall be valid from ________ (date) and terminated on __________ (date) unless specifically extended or rescinded earlier by either party.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I _______________ (Name) hereunto set and subscribe my hand this ___________(day) day of ________________ (Month) _________ (year).

Signed and delivered by the within named


 FOR __________________ (Name of Entity)                     1.

(Name)                                                                                                            2.

(Designation)                                                                                      Identified by me


Accepted and signed by Attorney

(Attorney Signature)





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