No CA Exams postponement?


No CA Exams postponement?

Seeing the current alarming rise in covid cases and postponement of various exams across the country every CA student is having this question whether the June 2021 exam will be conducted or not.

Though there is a dismaying rise in covid cases, there are curfews and lockdowns around the country, but because of this entire student’s future, there precious time can’t be wasted by cancelling the exams. This is what is the view of the all the intellectual officer bearer of the ICAI.

As per the information obtained from the council members there is least possibility of exam cancellation for everyone. It may be postponed for certain centers depending upon the seriousness of the situation there, but every students can’t be put at loss for few high alert areas.

Alternatively, an option might be given like it was given in November 2020 attempt to choose November or January attempt.

“We can’t make every student suffer for a few students who are facing difficulty. These students can choose the later attempt” expressed a regional council member.

Institute will take the decision which is best for the students. You may see that exams were conducted in November too, with all the precautions, so it can be conducted this time too. Conducting exams in few worst affected cities might be a little difficult but it is not the case with not so high alert cities” said another council member.

CCM Dhiraj Khandelwal, in a statement, said, “I am receiving lots of inquiries about exam schedules. Let me tell you ICAI and its exam committee knows the current pandemic situation and they would probably take appropriate decisions by month-end probably. Keep studying hard.”

The decision regarding the conduction of the exams is expected to be taken by ICAI by the end of April, as per Khandelwal.

Students are advised to keep a regular check on the official website of ICAI,, for more updates regarding the same.

From the students, perspective, this question shouldn’t arise, whether exams will be conducted or not. They should not at all be concerned with this question right now. One should prepare as per there old plan without thinking of any possibility of exam being cancelled or postponed. Why to reduce your efforts just for a mere possibility of exam being cancelled. What if you think of exam postponement and they didn’t happen then you’ll end up being in trouble? Put in your 100% efforts with a thought that exams are going to be on the normally scheduled date. And even if they are cancelled the extended time will be a bonus. So, focus on things that are in your hand get grip on it, instead of wondering about the stupid thought of exam cancellation.

So instead of wasting time over the fatuous thought whether exams will be conducted, when they’ll be conducted…. so on, focus on your studies by putting your 100%, and Don’t alter your plan to a less effort requiring one.

Exam dates for CA exams may 2021

The students can submit their exam registration form by May’4th this year through official website of ICAI. The registration for the June exams by ICAI was started a while back. Students will have the provision of submitting their application forms by May 7 with the payment of late fees, along with the fixed application fees.

The ICAI CA Foundation exams are scheduled to be held on June 24, 26, 28, and 30. The ICAI Inter and Final exams will most likely be conducted in May, depending on the Covid-19 pandemic situation. The Inter exams will begin on May 22 and the Final exams will be held from May 21.




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