Dear CBDT, Please do something. It’s an harassment to the taxpayers as there is trouble while Login at the Income Tax Portal since last 2 days


Dear CBDT, Please do something. It’s an harassment to the taxpayers as there is trouble while Login at the Income Tax Portal since last 2 days



There is a severe problem while login at the e filing portal of the .

As a result of this, all those taxpayers who want to

  • File the reply in response to the e-assessment proceeding
  • File appeal against the assessment order
  • File grievance for non receipt refund or for other issue other
  • Want to see the status of the return processing
  • Want to view the notices / intimation issued for which SMS / Email communcaiotn is received by the Assessee,
  • And all other activities like above

Could not be done.

While attempting to login, even after punching correct login user id and password thereof, the message of “wrong user id or password” is displayed.

Inability to login has created a lot of panic among st the taxpayers and resulting in lot of killing of time at the end of the taxpayers.  It is almost like an Harassment to the taxpayers who are deprived with the rights of making the submission. There are already numerous compliance burden at present on the taxpayers. Without strong administrative support, all this would be hampering the process of doing statutory compliance. It would further create an atmosphere of distrust and agony.

It would have been better if at least some message or information about the technical error is displayed by the Government at the income tax e-filing portal  so as to avoid the irritation and unnecessary panic  amongst the taxpayers.

The problem with the e-admistration is that the taxpayers are left helpless if it is not backed by strong physical set up or strong helpline number. It may be noted that though other CPC helpline is working, there is no one at e-filing helpline to respond to the call of the taxpayers in such cases.

When contacted at the CPC other helpline number, the recipient admit to have this technical problem at the portal since last two days in few cases and have conveyed that they are trying to resolve the issue.

The e-assessment proceeding is at its peak and non submission of reply is surely going to make the ex parte assessment in numerous case.

 Normally, month end is the time where AO wish to close the case for non submission of the information/documents. There is no way whereby assessee can communicate to the assessing officer under the faceless assessment scheme about the trouble in login at the income tax portal.


  1. There is should be one email id where the assessee can submit the grievance or mail the submission if there is a trouble while login at the efiling portal of income tax department.
  2. There should be mechanisms to file the grievance at the income tax poirtal without login at the incometax portal. Though there is e-nivarna portal which is displayed at the home page of income tax portal, it gives two options as under:
    a) Submit Grievance
    b) View Grievance Status.

    If any one clicks at the “Submitting Grievance” then again it asked for login and no grievance filing is allowed in such cases. The question remains, if there is a trouble in login as is happening presently, how a person can submit the grievance.

  3. For the Assessing Officer under the faceless assessment scheme, one email id should be there at the income tax portal which can be just viewed by punching the PAN data. As a result of this, the mail can be done by the assessee so as to make the required submission.

Without such strong system, the e-administration would be a cause of highest irritation to the taxpayers.

Hope someone at the North Block reads the contents and do the needful.


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