Ending Tasks for GST for FY 2020-21


Ending Tasks for GST for FY 2020-21


  • Create New Invoice series from 01-04-21

  • Reconcile Physical Stock with Books

  • HSN code requirements as per guidelines.

  • Reversal of Blocked Credit

  • , Letter Of Undertaking in case of export

  • Apply for Refund of FY 2018-19 latest by 31-03-21

  • E- Invoicing if turnover is above 50cr

  • QR Code Printing on B2C supplies if turnover above 500cr

  • Restricted ITC as per 36(4)

  • Reconciliation of GSTR 1 with GSTR 3B

  • Reconciliation of GSTR 3B with the ITC on purchases

  • GSTR 3B/GSTR 1 entries VS Accounting entries