How to Know Name as per PAN Database


     How to Know Name as per PAN Database


There are occasions when the income tax portal asks to fill the details of the name of signatories in the ITR verification section as per the PAN database.

If a person enters the Permanent Account Number (PAN) for registration purpose and other details, it shows error in name , that it’s not matching with the data registered with the IT department.

There are cases where the person knows the PAN of the signatories but not the name as per “PAN Data base”.

 The question arises, how to resolve this? If the person doesn’t enter the name as per the PAN data base of the department, the return cannot be filed.

What to do in such situations in such cases is the common question of the taxpayers.

How can one know the name of the person, which matches exactly with Income Tax Records?

It may be noted that the income tax portal has a feature known as “How to verify the PAN” which is not helpful in such situations.

There is an alternative way for such cases. In all such cases, the person may go to the following site for some basic data recording.

or at

 it may be noted that this site is for making the tax payment. The taxpayers should not pay the tax but should merely record the PAN here and may click a few buttons as if the taxpayers want to make the payment. After making a few clicks above, the next screen will display the name as per PAN Database.

The next page surely is aimed at confirming the name of the PAN holder before the taxpayers make the payment. This is going to be helpful in knowing PAN as per database.