Tax Audit Date Extension: Court is the only Option for the taxpayers


Tax Audit Date Extension: Cour is the only Option for the taxpayers

Around less than 10 days to go, the Government has not taken the final call on the Date extension.

More than 50 prominent organization have given due representation for the date extension but no one has ever got back the reply.

The only option left now is to approach the court again.

It is learnt that The Rajasthan Tax Consultants Association has filed a writ with Hon’ble Rajasthan High Court on 19.10.2020. It got registered on 21.10.2020 for Granting of extension for Tax Audit due date for AY 2020-21 and the case is The Rajasthan Tax Consultants Association vs. Union of India

Writ is at the admission stage only and is listed for hearing on 22.10.2020. Advocate Siddharth Ranka is likely to represent the The Rajasthan Tax Consultants Association.

Pandemic Corona, Lockdown, delay in announcements of ITR forms & utility, unplanned changes int eh middle of the year, which needs to be examined by the Rajasthan High Court.

It is expected that the Court may taken the serious call on the casual approach followed by the Govenrment in the tax administration which is causing serious trouble to the taxpayers across the country due to frequent unplanned changed on an ongoing basis in the middle of the year.

Taxpayers and tax professionals don’t have any option but to keep the breath on hold now.