GST Registration: Step wise Procedure


GST Registration: Step wise Procedure

Getting a GST registration is just a matter of few clicks.

Goods & Services Tax (GST) is applicable on all the persons whether it is a Services providers, traders, manufacturers & others if the turnover or receipts exceeds certain basic threshold limit or if it is a prescribed persons. Even the persons who are not in to business but receiving rental income from different person will be liable for GST registration and payment thereof. It may be noted that GST is to be charged at every step of the supply chain, with full set-off benefits available.
To be precise, every Business or corporation which is involved in the buying and selling and good of services has to register for GST Mandatory if-
a) Against supply of Service, Companies whose turnover is more than Rs. 20 lakhs  or Rs. 10 lakh for North Eastern and hill states
b) Against supply of Goods, Companies whose turnover is more than Rs. 40 lakhs() yearly to register for a GST

  1. c) Any businesses making interstate outward supplies of goods have to register for a GST. It is mandatory even for businesses making taxable supplies on behalf of the other taxable persons, for ex. Agents and Brokers.
  2. d) E-commerce sellers /aggregators need not to register if total sales are less than Rs. 20 lakhs.

There are three parts of the GST, as under:

  1. Central Goods and Services Tax (CGST)
  2. State Goods and Services Tax (SGST)
  3. Integrated Goods and Services Tax (IGST) It is for Inter-State Transactions to be levied by the Central Government when a transaction happens from one state to other.

What are the Documents that are need to GST Registration:

  1. For Proprietorship : PAN Card and Address proof of proprietor
  2. For LLP: PAN Card of LLP, LLP Agreement, Partners Names and Address proof.
  3. For Private Limited Company : Certificate of Incorporation, PAN Card of Company, Articles and Memorandum of Association, Resolution signed by the Directors, Ids(PAN Card) and Address proof (Passport, Aadhar Card or Electricity Bill) of Directors, Digital Signature of the Director.

GST Registration Procedure:

The procedure for getting the GST registration is simple and can be done by anyone even without the help of any tax consultants or accountants. Here is a step-wise procedure to get the GST registration certificate:

  1. Access the official GST portal of Government of India
  2. Now, Click on services ->Registration (
  3. Under Registration, one will get two drop-down options, Click on New Registration.
  4. Now, Applicant will be required to fill the required details like mobile No., email ID, PAN, which is mandatory for GST Registration.
  5. After submission, an OTP will be generated on Mobile no and Email-ID for verification.
  6. After verification of OTP, Temporary Identification Number will be generated which can be used for further registration process. Now, further information will be required to be submitted while filling the form online, which are as under:
    a) Business Information like Type of Business Activity
    b) Promoter Information like name , address etc
    c) Authorised Signatory Information i.e., the authorised Person on behalf of the Business Entity
    d) Principal Place of Business
    e) Additional Place of Business
    f) Details of Goods and Services wherein information as to the top 5 goods and services supplied by the applicant alongwith HSN code thereof may be submitted. For services, SAC code may be provided. The HSN or SAC can be searched on the portal.
  1. All Documents will be required to be uploaded based on the business type and other information which is also required to be filed therein.
  2. After all submission, Authorities may take around 2 to 4 working days to review the application.
  3. If  approved then certificate will be granted within 7 days of time along with GST Identification Number (Commonly known as GSTIN). GSTIN is a 15 digit PAN based unique identification number allotted to every registered GST taxpayer. One can login through this no. on GST portal.
  4. If it is pending then one may submit further documents to authenticate application after which the officer will make a decision on the application.
  5. GST Registration certificate and GSTIN will be issued upon verification of GST application and other mandatory documents by the GST officer, The Registration Certificate can be downloaded from the GST Portal.
  6. Registration for each state:
    a) Separate GST Registration has to be obtained from each state.
    b) If the taxpayers have multiple business divisions or verticals, then in one state also, more than one GSTIN can be obtained i.e., GSTIN for each vertical is possible.
  1. After getting GST registration certificate, taxpayer can start the business and can quote it in all the communication and documents. It may be noted that the GST return filing is mandatory after this. GST Return is a document that contains details of the supply of goods/services of the taxpayer during a particular period. It has to be filed with the GST administrative authority. The document is used by tax authorities to calculate the tax liability of a GST taxpayer. GST Return filing form has to include the following details like Output GST on sales/services, Sales, Input tax credit (GST) paid on purchases, Purchases, etc. For filing a GST Return, one needs to have GST complaint sales and purchase invoices attached.

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