How to make the request for re-issuance of Income Tax Refund

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How to make the request for re-issuance of Income Tax Refund

Next to being shot at and missed, nothing is really quite as satisfying as an income tax refund.”

Income Tax refund- Income Tax Department is one of the fastest department in the world to issue the income tax refund.  IT refund are normally issued within 8-15 days of filing income tax refund. If however, if IT return is not validated by EVC then the same is issued after CPC Bengaluru receive ITR V signed copy.

There are instances when the refund is rejected because of eite3hr wrong bank details or closure of bank subsequently. This is time to focus on reissuance of Income Tax Refund again. There are some of the key reasons for non  issue of refund which could be as under:

  1. Closure of Bank Account which was mentioned as Primary Account for credit of Income Tax Refund
  2. Wrong Filing of Bank account number and IFSC Details at time of ITR Filing
  3. Non Linking of PAN Number with Bank Account Number
  4. Adjustment of refund amount against the old outstanding demand of the taxpayers.
  5. Error in the processing of income tax return like some disallowance or addition to income on the basis of tax audit report or 26AS etc

These are few common grounds as a reason of which income tax refund is not received.

One needs to ascertain the reasons behind not crediting of the refund in the bank account. In either case, department do send the notices at the email id mentioned in the IT return filed. Taxpayers have to keep a trail of it to know the correct status.

If the error is pertaining to first 3 points, then taxpayers should do the following sequential steps to get the income tax refund:

  1. Log in at
  2. Sign in to your income tax account using your PAN and password
  3. Click in “My Account” in the menu options  and then view the E-Filed Return Status
  4. Taxpayers will get the ITR Processing status is shown. If the ITR is processed then one proceeds further. Else, taxpayers have to waits for ITR Processing.
  5. If ITR is processed and Refund has failed due to any reason then one must first ascertain the real reason for such failure. It could be anyone discussed earlier.
  6. The reason for refund failure is the closure of the bank account which was selected for credit of IT Refund at the time of ITR Filing, then rectify the primary bank account details.
  7. If the actual error has been rectified by you, then you have to submit Service Request for Refund Reissuance
  8. Taxpayers have to submit suitable response for complying with it. In such cases, taxpayers have to pre-validate the bank details. If pre-validated successfully, requests will be accepted for further processing.
  9. If taxpayers submit request for Refund Reissuance, a transaction ID is issued for further tracking of the status.

 Best part is that after successful submission of above procedure, Income Tax refund is issued again in around 7 days time frame.

Least to say, nothing is as pleasant as income tax refund.  Next to being shot at and missed, nothing is really quite as satisfying as an income tax refund.”

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