Prosecution provision rationalized under section 276CC


Prosecution provision rationalized under section 276CC

The existing provisions of section 276CC of the Act, inter alia, provide that prosecution proceedings for failure to furnish returns of income against a person shall not proceeded against, for failure to furnish the return of income in due time, if the tax payable by such person, not being a company, on the total income determined on regular assessment does not exceed Rs. 3,000/-.

The existing provisions do not provide for taking into account tax collected at source and self-assessment tax for the purposes of determining the tax liability.

Since the intent of said provision has always been to take into account pre-paid taxes, while determining the tax payable, it is proposed to amend the said section so as to make the legislative intention clear and to include the self-assessment tax, if any, paid before the expiry of the assessment year, and tax collected at source for the purpose of determining tax liability.

Further, in order to rationalise the existing threshold limit of tax payable under said section, it is further proposed to amend the said section so as to increase the threshold of tax payable from the existing rupees three thousand to rupees ten thousand.

These amendments will take effect from 1st April, 2020 and will, accordingly, apply in relation to assessment year 2020-21 and subsequent assessment years.