GST Fraud alert. Gang of GST frauds busted, 5 arrested


GST Fraud alert. Gang of GST frauds busted, 5 arrested

System driven GST is showing what was unseen during VAT or sales tax regime in the country.

Recently,  Delhi Police has busted another organised gang of fraudsters who were involved in filing of fake GST returns of different private firms and siphoned off Lakh of rupees. The matter came into light at Jama Masjid area when a complainant approached police and stated that some unknown persons have unauthorised access to the GST account of his firm. He also informed that some days before, while he visited GST office, one GST officer informed him that he has not filed any GST return in his GST account so far. Thereafter, he shared the username and password of his GST account to his niece for filing GST returns.

Recently, he tried to access his GST account but he found that the username and password of the GST account have been fraudulently changed by some unknown persons. Thereafter, complainant visited the office of GST and managed to change the username and password of his GST Account by filing fresh request. On being checked the GST account details, he found that the fraudulent bills of transaction of sale and purchase were made in the GST account of complainant’s firm to which complainant has the liability of Rs. 21.64 lakhs as GST tax. Complainant further told that he never made any transactions in the above-mentioned GST account and all are fake transactions.

On April 19 one Ankush Agrawal was arrested. The police team also recovered one laptop being used for uploading details of fake invoices of sale and purchase with the name of various private firms and two mobile phones which were used in the commission of crime. On sustained interrogation, accused Ankush Aggarwal disclosed that he used to collect details of defaulted firms from one Subhash, who was earlier working in the office of GST, (previously known as Sales Tax Office, ITO, Delhi) and used to meet him at GST office, ITO, Delhi. Subsequently, trap was laid to arrest other accused persons and another four accused Subhash, Ajay, Harish and Kamal were also apprehended by the team. The interrogation led to the recovery of three mobile phones being used for sending and receiving messages.