Receiving Message for GST Credit? – What to do?


Receiving Message for GST Credit? – What to do?


Many Taxpayers and Authorized Representatives are receiving a message from GST which states –

`Dear Taxpayers, The ITC for the domestic purchases for Oct-Dec 2018 claimed in GSTR-3B exceeds Rs. 1.00  Lakh when compared with the credit availed in GSTR-2A.’

It has been observed that all the people are receiving the same message. Even the amount of Rs. 1 Lakh is also the same in every message. Such a coincidence is not possible.

The possible reasons which can be thought of for receiving such messages can be as follows:-

  1. There must be some technical issues and problems due to which a common message is being sent to many people.
  2. There can be some hackers which are forwarding such fake messages to the taxpayers.

However GST council is having no information regarding the same and further clarifications can be issued by the council.

Taking it in a positive note, it can prove helpful for monitoring that whether the party from which we are purchasing the goods is filing its GSTR-1 properly or not. If not, we can ask him to file the returns properly. In case of continuous default, we can stop the dealings with such a party.

Now the question arises – What should be done now?

So for the time being we can ignore such a message and ensure the proper filing of GSTR-2A.

Also there is no need to worry about the credit as it could be claimed in future also.

[Credit can be taken after the end of financial year till September or until the filing of annual return, whichever is earlier]