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Income tax refund is nothing but receiving back the excess of tax paid in comparison to the actual tax liability. It is determined by the income tax authorities while processing your ITR for the respective year. 

The Income Tax refund can be simply claimed by e-filing the income tax return. However, along with the filing of ITR you need to ensure that your ITR is verified within 120 days of filing the return. Otherwise, it won’t be taken up for processing by ITD and consequently refund would not be generated. Further, it has been practically observed, early processing of return leads to the early credit of refund.

Ways to track your Income Tax refund:

As per Income tax Department, there are 2 ways by which Income Tax refund can be tracked-

  1. Through Income Tax login portal (With login)
  2. Through NSDL (Without login)
  1. Through Income Tax login portal:

Step1: Login into e-filing portal by entering the User Id and password.

Step2: From the dashboard, click on the second option “View Returns/ Forms” & then select option “Income Tax Return”.

Step3: Now, click on the Acknowledgement Number. Here, every information related to your ITR will be shown. Also, the status of income tax refund will be visible.

  1. Through NSDL

Step1: Kindly visit NSDL’s Income Tax Refund status check online facility.

 Step2: Enter your PAN and select the relevant assessment year (for FY 2017-18, AY is 2018-19) and enter the captcha code.

What are the various types of Income Tax Refund Statuses?

The below are the few examples of different refund status which you will come across while tracking it:

  1. Refund is already credited to your bank Please contact your bank – Refund processed and credited to your Bank Account.
  2. Refund Not Determined– Your ITR is still under process at the Income Tax Department’s end. You still need to wait for some days.
  3. Refund cheque has already been encashed– Your IT refund has been credited to your Bank Account and also has been encashed.
  4. Return Submitted and verified– Now your ITR shall be processed by the IT department. So, you need to wait for just some more days.
  5. Refund set off from the O/S demand– Your current year refund has been adjusted to the outstanding demand stand on Income Tax Portal.


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