Miscellaneous FAQ’S on UDIN

Miscellaneous FAQ’S on UDIN


Miscellaneous FAQ’S on UDIN


  1. Sometimes there are multiple reports in one assignment. Is separate UDIN is to be generated for all such report?

No. UDIN is to be generated for Assignment wise and same UDIN is to be used in all documents signed under that assignment. Say for Example while signing the various certificates while doing Bank Audit, same UDIN can be used for all certificates to be signed for that particular Bank Audit Assignment.

  1. How many UDINs can be generated by a CA? Is there any limit? Or is there any restriction on the number of UDIN to be generated in a Day/ Month/ Year?

There is no limit on generation of UDIN and there is no restriction on the number of UDIN to be generated.

  1. Is UDIN required to be mentioned on every page of the Document or it can be mentioned at the last?

UDIN shall be mentioned after every Signature and Membership Number of the Member.

  1. Whether fresh registration is required for every financial year?

There is no need for fresh registration for every financial year.

  1. Whether one UDIN can be used for multiple certificates generated on same day?

No, separate UDIN is required for each assignment and is to be used for all documents issued under that assignment.

  1. Can multiple certificate details be uploaded on UDIN portal in excel or any other format?

There is no provision of such uploading. It has to be generated one by one.

  1. Should existing digital signature be revised or changed due to UDIN insertion?

UDIN has no connection with Member’s Digital Signature and therefore no changes are required in Digital Signature.

  1. Is it possible to generate UDIN before issuing the certificate?

There is no option to generate UDIN in advance. However there is option given to generate UDIN within 15 days of signing of the certificate.

  1. What is the validity of UDIN generated?

Generated UDIN has no expiry unless revoked.

  1. What is the consequence of not generating UDIN which are made mandatory by ICAI in respective phases?

UDIN generation is being made mandatory as per the Council Decision hence not generating UDIN for mandatory documents will amount to non-adherence of the Council Decision and may attract disciplinary proceedings as per the Second Schedule Part II of The Chartered Accountants Act, 1949.