Letter of undertaking to claim ITC under GST

Letter of undertaking to claim ITC under GST


(To be submitted on SUPPLIER letter head with seal and signature)



Recipient Name: M/s





Sub : Payment of GST Amount and filing of GST Return for availing such tax as Input Tax Credit (ITC) by you.



With reference to payment of GST amount and filing of GST Return for availing Input Tax Credit (ITC) by you as per eligibility provisions for the identified Invoices raised by us, we,

M/s.____________________(supplier name) having our Registered Office at _____________________________________________, possessing GST Identification No.___________________________ hereby declare and undertake as follows:


  1. We have disclosed all the facts relating to our Firm/ Company to

Recipient name:




  1. We hereby declare that we have paid/agree to pay GST for the related invoices as per details below to the respective GST Authorities.


Sl. No.

Order No.

Order Date

Invoice No.

Invoice Date

Assessable Value/Rs.




Date of Payment

 In this connection, we hereby agree and undertake to furnish to you proof of payment of GST, which includes above mentioned GST amount.

  1. We hereby declare that we have filed GSTR 3B related to the abovementioned invoices in time. In this connection, we hereby agree and undertake to furnish you proof of electronically filed GST Return to the authority.


  1. We hereby agree and undertake to indemnifyas under:-
  2. The Firm/ Company shall take all necessary safeguards to ensure availing of ITC on abovementioned invoices as per eligibility by

Recipient name:



within the time limit provided in the GST provision.


  1. In case of rejection of ITC by the concerned Tax Authority, for non payment of GST amount by us or for any other reasons attributable to us ,  wehereby undertake and agree to indemnify

Recipient name:



in full against all consequences, liabilities of any kind whatsoever directly arising from denial of ITC which includes interest and penalty arising out of such irregular availment of ITC by you opined by GST Authority.


We hereby agree and confirm that –

any breach of the above indemnification or  undertakings shall be construed as  breach of the terms and conditions for reimbursement of GST and RECEPIENT NAME shall be at liberty to take such action against us including recovering of reimbursed GST amount from

  1. any of our Bank Guarantee executed in your favour,if any,
  2. Security Deposit paid for any of your work,if any or
  3. Other unpaid invoices, if any of us raised with recipient


I / We declare that I am empowered to execute this Indemnity Bond cum undertaking and the same is given under the orders of proper authority as perthe delegation of power of the organization.



Place :                                                              Authorised Signature of the Indemnifier

                                                                                    Name :

Date :                                                                           Designation :


-B. Vinay Reddy