After Sachin Tendulkar, Saif Ali Khan Pataudi got relief for second House Property


Saif Ali Khan Pataudi v. Asstt. CIT
Decision:    In assessee’s favour.
Income from house property–Vacancy allowance–Property never let out–Applicability of under section 23(1)(c)
Due to inherent defects assessee’s flat could not be let out and remained vacant. Hence, assessee claimed benefit of section 23(1)(c). AO held that property was let out at any point of time and, therefore, same was out of the purview of section 23(1)(c).
Meaning and interpretation of the words ‘property is let’ cannot be ‘property actually let out’. Thus, if a property is held with an intention to let out in the relevant year coupled with efforts made for letting it out, it could be said that such property was a let out property and the same would fall within the purview of clause (c) of section 23(1).