Will CBDT give Second extension for uploading Tax Audit Report & filing Income Tax Return


Will CBDT give Second extension for uploading Tax Audit Report & filing Income Tax Return

With Each passing day, heart beat is rising for the tax professional. The common question is whether the date will be extended or not?

The question is all the more confusing since the CBDT has already extended by 15 days. It rarely happens that the second extension is granted by the CBDT after giving first extension.

When the due date of 31st July was extended to 31st August, all the taxpayers and tax professionals were expecting another extension since the IT portal has almost crushed in the last 2 days. However, amidst lot of extension, demand & representation, the date was not extended. This is despite the fact that the income tax portal was not working and the top bureaucrats were knowing the fact that of the issue at income tax portal.

Under the present scenario, Rajasthan High Court has disposed off the appeal almost in favour of CBDT hereby straight extension was not given to CBDT but just a request was made to consider the demand of the petitioner association. The order doesn’t make CBDT bound for date extension. Only good part is that the Gujarat HC has asked CBDT to take a call by 10th October.

P & H High Court case is withdrawn by the petitioner for the reason that after filing the writ, the date was extended by 15 days by CBDT.

Delhi, Guajrat & Kerala HC decision is pending for decision.

Internal news suggest that the CBDT is not in favour of date extension and may not extent the date unless and until other High Court decides in favour of date extension by instructing it to CBDT.

The painful part, there are lot many tax professionals who are having lot of tax audit pending at their ends.

Income Tax Portal is also showing the sign of failure on daily basis. After log in, the assessee is removed back by the www.incometaxindia.gov.in and sometimes even the password error is displayed.

Such error and difficulty in uploading is further adding the crisis of the tax professionals.

Only thing that could be said at this moment of struggle and trouble is
“Its not a good time for CA’s”

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