Question every now and then with me by tax professionals & businessmen is whether the date is extended or will the date be extended?

The Real question is not “Whether the date will be extended?” but the real question is whether “Taxpayer or Tax Professionals will be respected?”

Why the question of date extension is arising? Is it because of fault of tax professionals or taxpayers?

The real issue is never understood by the Tax Collector & policy maker of the country. They need to understand that the taxpayers, small or big,  are the class of people who need to be respected most, for the simple reasons that they are the people who contribute revenue to the exchequer for its social & economic welfare.

If the country has to emerge as a super power, it has to empower its industry and businesses. Be it China or America, Economic growth has provided social welfare in the country. Without economic development, no country could prosper. For economy to grow, taxpayers need to have a better & easy tax laws.

The tax collector need to understand that the taxpayer are not the “Animals to be tested every now and then for the scientific reasons”

The need for the date extension has arisen for the reason that

  1. ITR forms were notified after a delay of around 2 ½ months
  2. Tax audit report format and its scheme has been changed every now and then
  3. Taxpayers were struggling throughout with trial and error approach in implementing GST system. GST could have been implemented with much better approach then the way it is implemented now.

Least to say, all at the cost of taxpayers.

Another question commonly placed before me in my public programme is, why so much adamancy?

Simple reply would by the tax collector is, delay in return filing and audit report delays every process subsequently?  This is right and acceptable justification. But then who will be paying for the fault of the Government?

Respected Sir, you need to understand that tax laws compliance are the ancillary part of the businessmen. The main part is “Business”. Whether the businessmen should concentrate on business, renovation, innovation, marketing, growth etc or should focus on compliances. India is a country of smart & talented people. Even though our cost of production could be at par with china, we are importing the goods from china. Let us not discuss the real reasons for rupee fall here.

Whether the tax professionals should ensure better implantation of the tax laws by guiding the clients or they should ensure the immediately next filing compliance? From commencement, One tax audit report takes around two days time to upload even for a small businessmen. Do policy maker knows this fact?

There are number of issues that can be discussed. There are number of ideas that can be implanted. But the genuine concern, are we ready to listen or are we bound to be adamant & rigid? The actual matter here is not about date extension but the issue I want to place forward is “Do we respect the taxpayers?”

Why not have an open session across the country. Let the country speak.

Respected Mr. FM, if you still feel that date extension was for the wrong reason, Taxpayer would have loved your word & action in true spirit. Rather, taxpayers and citizens have shown their trust and faith in the PM even with falling dollar prices, rising crude petrol prices, during demonetization and GST trial & error phase etc. Taxpayers are with the Government.

But at least, listen in open forum across the country. Come out of the political zone. We all are Indian who want to contribute for the growth and development of the Country. We all are the part and parcel of Nation Building which is undertaken by Hon’ble PM.

Don’t let the taxpayer feel rejected, ignored or disrespected.

Court asking the Government “to consider the date extension” is not good for the credential of the Government. Government need to come forward to empower its taxpayers. Do listen it carefully & respectfully.

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