Respected PM Sir, We have full faith in you but Taxpayers have an expectation as well


Respected PM Sir,

We have full faith in you but Taxpayers have an expectation as well.

As a Citizen of This Country and Being Basic Indian, I am one of the follower of Hon PM Thought Process for “Better, Brighter, And Biggest INDIA”.

This can be achieved in near future by applying present Rules, Regulations and New Additions in them for Compliance.

But here , I wish this to continue for next Five years then as  A True Friend , I have to discuss , advise and if time permits,  warn them about Future Problems , Hurdles, Disrespect in general public about the present bureaucratic policies and implementation of Laws .

As you are aware since last so many years India is running on some pre decided rules, regulations and…

General Public especially small , medium and upper medium Traders, Businessman’s , Professionals are and were trained in this system, from last so many years , even then they have contributed to the Nation being Indians , as far as possible , from their Hard  Earned Money.

There litimate demands  to be considered with retrospective effect to avoid frustrations and to give boost for their businesses and professions.  Steps to be taken in this respect , in my opinion are as follows.

  1. GST Law is implemented last year , is the first year . Many of the Professionals till not got full understanding of this Law and you are expecting from these communities to follow fully or pay Penalty, Late Fees. There were so many amendments done by Govt , but you are not permitting these Dealers to rectify , revise their own Returns filed  for better compliance. In this respect it is advisable
    1. Give full immunity,  for one time , from Late Fees, to those who have taken GST number but not filed Returns in time.
    2. Give one time opportunity to all GST Holders for rectification in Returns already filed without any penalty, Late fees.
    3. Give one more opportunity to the Traders, Dealers who have not obtained GST number till date without threat and ask them to come in GST .
  2. Under Income Tax,
    1. Those who have filed Income Tax Returns , Income up to Rs.10 Lac , keep full faith in them and accept the Returns in totality except special suspicious cases .
    2. Income above Rs.10 Lac to Rs. 25 Lac only limited purpose scrutiny only if suspect . Keep faith in your own Indians.
    3. Above Rs. 50 Lac  Income as per regulations without giving threat .
    4. What future social security,  Govt is providing to the Present Tax Payers , nothing. If the Present Earner is not in a position to earn money and pay taxes  at his old age or due to some problem , no social security is available to them , if this is taken care by Govt .then People of India will come forward and will pay tax without hiding . Please think over on this topic and come with solutions.For 5 percentage of wrong doers in Taxation and Charitable Trusts you can not trouble 95 percentage of the Tax Payers and Genuine Charitable  Trusts .
    5. Please ask the Officers and Bureaucrats , to First respect these all above Tax Payers because they are contributing for the Nation from their Hard Earned Money.
  3. Do take care , respect  and if correct , accept suggestions of Professionals like Doctors, Engineer’s, CA , Architect , Advocates ,  Economist  and all Professor’s .  These communities and persons have influence  in society. Please don’t ignore and as far as possible listen them and implement.
  4. I am fully aware of Govt duties To make and keep  Happy  Lower  community. These persons ,  who have not contributed,  paid a single pie in the development of India , rather only consumed the subsidies , please  don’t ignore the community, persons, businessman , traders, Professionals who have contributed to the Nation since last 60 years by paying taxes in different ways and names.

Don’t treat these persons as Defaulters, …… Dishonest …. , because last 60 years they have been trained by Indian Politics, Policies in that way.

It will take some time to come in Regular PRAVAH .

As All Of You Are  Aware, This is Very High Time . Please Act  Immediately because Justice and  Respect Delayed Is Denied .

Before this category goes out of Thoughts , please Announce your Future Immunity, Plans and Respect for these Persons when you are in Govt. Only.

Please Don’t assure in next Election Agenda.

” Public Pahelese hi Sab Samajhati Hai, Aur Dikhati  Hai Baad Me “

Thank You.

CA Nandkishor R Kabra.