Records to be maintained under GST in case of Godowns/ Warehouses

Records to be maintained under GST in case of Godowns/ Warehouses


Records to be maintained under GST in case of Godowns/ Warehouses

In today’s scenario most of the inspections are made at the place where the Goods are stored. The place of storing the goods shall be registered as additional place of business under GST. The question is what documents shall be kept with the owner of warehouse/ or any other person concern in case of such Goods. Let us discuss all that in details:

Every owner or operator of warehouse or godown or any other place used for storage of Goods and even every transporter irrespective of the fact whether they are registered or not shall maintain the records of consignor as well as consignee and all the relevant documents Goods with it. It means the owner shall have CONSIGNOR- CONSIGNEE wise details of all the goods.

All the relevant documents to be maintained by warehouse owner shall include

  • Details with respect to period for which particular Goods remain in warehouse.
  • The details relating to dispatch, movement, receipt and disposal of such goods.

The owner of warehouse shall assure that the Goods are kept such that they are clearly identifiable item wise and owner wise. The placement of Goods shall be such that it facilitates the inspection by the proper officer on demand.

If the owner of the godown or warehouse is not registered they are bound to obtain unique enrollment number by applying electronically at GST Common Portal.

The transporter of goods shall have the records of Goods transported, delivered, stored in transit by him along with the GSTIN of the registered consignor and consignee for each of the branches.

As per section 68 a transporter shall not be allowed to indulge in the transportation business if the bill value is greater than Rs. 50000 and E-way bill is not generated by either of consignor or consignee. In such case the transporter shall first make the E-way bill itself and then transfer the Goods.

The law is becoming stringent every day. We shall always put all the efforts to follow it as the benefit will flow to us.

Thank you

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