Rather fail with Honor than succeed by fraud.


Rather fail with Honor than succeed by fraud

A 30yrs old man was arrested for forging Chartered Accountant’s Signature and Seal by the Karamana police on Sunday. Karamana is a suburb in district Thiruvanathpuram of Kerala.

It is well said that rather fail with honor or succeed by fraud. The man alleged was alleged for forging the signature and seal of a chartered accountant as per the News journalist. The person accused by the police was Suresh of Karamana, This person was a operator of a private financing company.

The charges on him are that he has been defrauding a trading company by pretending him as a chartered accountant in order to prepare their financial statements.

As per the latest update, he has forged the signature and seal of a chartered accountant who is based in Attingal, municipality at Thiruvananthapuram.

The certification of being a Chartered Accountant is available after a lot of handwork and pressure. Along with this certification comes a great responsibility. If a person uses this fraudulently, he/she shall be punished. For the same, the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI) has launched a new system that generates a unique identification Number to keep record of attestations by the Chartered Accountants. This will help the Institute to track all the certifications by CAs. It may also help in curbing fake certifications / third part certificationst

The Institute has asked all its members to get registered with the new venture, i.e., Unique Document Identification Number to trace out the fake Chartered Accountants.

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