“LIFE OF CA IN LAST 2 YEARS”                                                                                      

Dear Honourable Prime Minister and Finance Minister,

I am a practicing chartered accountant and a citizen of this independent nation. There are approximately 150000 CAs who are in full time practice like me. This number may not be a big vote bank for you to win the election. But, This number plays a vital role for generating the revenue with which you run the government. I need to write these lines with a pain that you are governing a government with a mindset of negativity. You are taking all the decisions with a preconceived notion that all citizens of the country are Liars, Tax Evaders, Law breakers.

Now let me tell you about Life of CA in last 2 years. Every practising CA has helped the country on every economic reform. Since last 2 years, The CA are working tirelessly to make every Economic reform successful. It is because this community, you are getting massive Tax collection in GST . Every Practising CA has Helped the country to be tax compliant.. GST is there because 1.5 lacs PRACTISING Chartered Accountant have worked day & night to solve the puzzles of the acts. If we are working these much, then Why Govt is not giving us reasonable time to complete Audits.. In fact, Not giving reasonable time in any work. We cant be working like machine.

Since last 2 years, No CA has practically taken any leave. First came in Nov 2016, GST Migration window opened for existing tax payers…. Following Note-ban in same month.. Then IDS….Then GST implementation across country….Then July 2017, half-baked GST saw its day-light. Then Tax Audit 2017, Then Rapid changes in GST …Then Trans -1 filling date came … then GSTR -1.. Again so many changes in GST in every month…Now Tax Audit 2018.. All are sudden harsh decisions badly affected our Economy. But it is our CA community helped all businessmen for smooth transition. A quality life has become myth for any CA in last some years ..Once We get accustomed to GST monthly strict compliance, The new due dates in Income Tax & ROC . The Govt is coming out with new compliances every other day without providing adequate time and without providing a robust infrastructure. The CBDT , CBIC and MCA are just giving deadlines every month and failing which They levy huge penalty.

Biggest Question Is That What Your Government Has Given To A Chartered Accountant In Last Two Years?

Extended Working Hours , Stressed Mental Health , Disturbed Social And Family Life , High Blood Pressure , Anxiety About Deadlines , Struggle To Strike Work Life Balance , Satire By Your Sweet Tongue

Every month there is clash OF GST return due dates then Income tax dates then ROC compliance dates.. Govt Agencies assumes that A practising CA would be rather doing practise of either of one of all…. They want us to work only in one field only.. They don’t understand what amount of pressure we take so they this country gets its revenue.. Moreover, in Income Tax , Every return schema & TAR schema has been late notified.. Even after notifying late , you change it so many times . Changes in schema has lead to tremendous work load since last 2 years.. Evryday Site problems in GST will take 3 4 pages to write , So i am not writing on that .

Majority of Practicing CAs do understand value of their signature and want to do justice to
Tax Audit. Its not just about stamp.. It’s about quality audit.. Where Return filling was extened upto 31-08-2018, Then just giving 45 days for Tax Audit is practically joke to every hard working CA.

CA sacrifice their family time and health.. A dignified life is right of everyone..There is surely Increase of displeasure amongst professionals CA about dictatorship kind of attitude of the finance ministry. We are Overburdened with tons of due dates every now and then and on the top of it denial of service from the system. The situation needs to be addressed before it’s too late!

Govt should standup with Tax Practitioners and should encourage them for quality output but here Govt and CBDT do not bother to hear the Voice of People…All professional instituteshave become edgeless swords. When it comes to fight with department for right, institutes can’t stand strong. We seriously need powerful leaders who can fight..We, professionals, have to behave like beggers for our legitimate rights for saving hardship on our clients.

It is not just about extending or not extending a deadline of filing tax audit report, but it is
about to maintain grace of the profession, giving respect to the high standards followed by the members of the profession and dedication with which the members are serving for the cause of nation. The only request by a loyal citizen of the country and a professional is LEARN TO HAVE TRUST AND GIVE RESPECT IF YOU WANT THE SAME IN NEXT ELECTION

I will like to say with full confidence in my countrymen that take a chance and take decisions by putting trust on your citizens, your team members, your workers and more importantly on those who are playing a vital role in nation building i.e, on us chartered accountants. You will feel that nation can also develop without harassing the people.

– A loyal Countrymen And A Practising CA.

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