Violence during Income Tax Raid at Morena ( Near Gwalior)


Violence during Income Tax Raid at Morena ( Near Gwalior)

Income Tax Raids is one of the most powerful tool with the Income Tax Department to  expose black money. Income Tax officials have been given all the rights for conducting raids with sufficient inbuilt controlling parameters to safeguard the privacy of the taxpayers and to avoid the misuse of power as such. It is expected from an assessee to co-operate.

In normal course, Assessee’s also cooperates and don’t misbehave even if there is anything wrong on the other side.

However, a very shocking, unfortunate, horrible incidence has taken place in the Country during Search and Seizure operation carried out near Gwalior.

Mahatma Gandhi always was in favor of non- violence but what happened in Morena (Near Gwalior) have broken the Hearts.

During the course of a consequential search & seizure action at Suraj Bhan Oil Mill the Deputy Commission of Income Tax (DCIT) Shri Vikram Pagaria was man-handled and beaten up badly by the assesses. IRS fraternity are uniting against the incidents and seeking intervention of the top officials against such ghastly incidence. It is appealed that Department should take all appropriate measures to ensure safety of officers and not treat the matter as mere “Professional-hazard” which will discourage young and dedicated officers who will be left humiliated & demoralised..

Income Tax Department officer Vikram Pagaria has filed case against the businessman and his family in Kotwali police station. On the other hand, Sarabhai Devi wife of owner of the Surajbhan Mill’s Mr. Govind Bansal, has also filed an application against the officers of Income Tax Department. The contention from Sarabhai Devi was that the Income Tax Officers were seeking bribe. They also claimed that the officers indulged in the violence.

In short, there are allegation & complains from the either side. Taxpayer need to understand that the Officers are doing there duty while carrying out the income tax raids. On the other side, Officers also need to understand that the taxpayers are handled with due respect and care without use of cohesive power and bad words. It will be in the interest of the country if both the side understands the purpose of income tax raids in true spirit.

In the search proceedings the Income Tax Department has seized documents from Govind Bansal’s house. They also seized jewellery worth Rs. 50 Lakhs and cash worth Rs. 3.5 Lakhs only.

Vikram Pagaria IRS, DCIT Gwalior

Shri at Vikram Pagaria IRS, DCIT Gwalior who has been man-handled and beaten up badly by the Assesses.

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