GST Practitioner Address Update procedure

GST Practitioner Address Update procedure


 GST Practitioner Address Update procedure                                                                   


Hello Sir/Mam, i have Regd as GSTP on common portal in Jan 2018. Now i have shifted my Office to a new premises. How do I update new adddress in my Registration? I could not find proper path to do in my login account. Please advice me.


Once the applicant is registered under GST PORTAL, the need for amendments in registration may arise due to several factors. So, In order to amend any information post registration, the taxpayer needs to file an Application for Amendment of Registration and it can be categorized in two types:

  • Application for Amendment of Core fields in Registration
  • Application for Amendment of Non-Core fields in Registration

As the Above Query mentioned, Updation of New Address comes under Core fields and it is similar to that of for Amendment in Principal place of business.

To amend the information provided in the core fields registration, you need to perform the following steps

Access the URL. The GST Homepage is displayed.

  1. Login to the GST Portal with valid credentials.
  2. Click the Services> Registration> Amendment of Registration Core Fieldslink.
  3. Select the Principal Place of Business tab> Scroll down the page and click

the EDIT button.

  1. Edit the desired details and select theDate of Amendmentusing the calendar
  2. In the Reasonsfield, enter the reason for amendment of information provided in the Core fields and then Click the SAVE button. Verification tab:
  3. In the Verification tab, select the Verificationcheckbox.
  4. In the Name of Authorized Signatorydrop-down list, select the authorized signatory.
  5. In thePlacefield, enter the name of the place.

After filling the application for Amendment of Registration, you need to digitally sign the application using Digital Signature Certificate (DSC)/ E-Signature or EVC.

Once digitally signed application for amendment of registration is filed, the message of successful submission of application is displayed. You will receive the acknowledgement in next 15 minutes on your registered e-mail address and mobile phone number. Amendment to Core fields require approval by the Tax Official. Once the amendment

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