E-way Bill: a Boon or Bane?

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E-way Bill: a Boon or Bane?

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E-way Bill is an electronic bill that works as a watchdog for transportation of goods. It is required to be generated if the goods are transported form own vehicle or from public transport. To get the authority for transport of   Goods one needs to be in possession of Invoice along with the E-way Bill. In case the E-way bill is generated one has the facility to cancel it within 24 hours of the creation. It seems E-way Bill is a strict concept.

 Let’s have a look at few instances where E-way Bill is not necessary:

  • Transported by non-motorised vehicle like cart
  • Consignment Value < 50000
  • Where goods are being transported up to a distance of 20 KMs from the place of the business of the consignor to a weigh-bridge for weighing or from the weigh-bridge back to the place of the business of the said consignor. However, in this case, the movement of goods has to be accompanied by a delivery challan.
  • Where goods are being transported by rail and the consignor of goods is the Central Government, State Governments or a local authority
  • Where empty cargo containers are being transported.
  • Where Goods are transported for a distance lesser than 50 KM within State:
    • FROM– Place of business of the consignor TO– Place of business of the transporter FOR – Further transportation OR
    • FROM– Place of business of the transporter TO – Place of business of the consignee (only Part A of EWB-01 is required to be filled)

It means there are various exemptions given to the generation of e-way bill. Obviously there is some hardship to the individuals who are indulged in transport of personal goods in private vehicle but I feel it is fine. To curb the illegal transport e-way bill is a great system introduced by Government. If one wants to achieve something, something needs to be compromised. Similar situation is here. To achieve the growth of economy few problems can be welcomed by the citizens.

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