Before you Vote – Know Your Candidate (KYC)



Before you Vote – Know Your Candidate (KYC)

By CA Somani Devendra Kumar, 
KYC serves an important purpose of due diligence process being used now a day in every sphere. Like-wise, before you cast your vote, it’s extremely important to know to whom you are voting for. What’s the background of the candidate? What are his/her previous achievements or active contribution for the members and to the overall profession? Does he/she possess requisite qualities to effectively represent and address problems of members and students? Has he/she record of raising voice of the members at appropriate platforms from time to time? Does he/she have in-depth of the profession and its challenges? Is he/she aware of the problems being faced by SMPs, young and woman members? Is he/she understands problem of professionals located in small towns/cities? Has he/she any road map for resolution of the problems? Whom should I vote to find a solution for issues directly or indirectly affecting me or my professional colleagues? Does he/she believe and promote dinner politics to lure votes at the cost of our noble profession? These are the imperative points to ponder before taking any decision.
Thus, as a responsible voter, Knowing Your Candidate (KYC) is a must.

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